Date Current Year Auction Results (Sales totals over $10,000) Hammer Hammer + BP % Sold By Value % Sold By No Summary Report
24-Apr-17 Antiques & Collectables (Art lots only), Small & Whitfield Auctions, Adelaide Prices not yet available  
22-Apr-17 Fine Art, David Barsby Auctions, Sydney Prices not yet available  
13-Apr-17 Fine Art, Lawsons, Sydney A$60,150 A$73,785 48% 57% No
11-Apr-17 Important Paintings & Contemporary Art, Mossgreen-Webb's (formerly Webb's), Auckland NZ$1,583,792 NZ$1,860,943 102% 57% Yes
09-Apr-17 Art | Asian | Jewels (Art lots only), Theodore Bruce Auctions, Sydney A$150,990 A$181,188 98% 65% Yes
06-Apr-17 Important Paintings & Contemporary Art including the Paint + Paper Collection, Art+Object, Auckland NZ$1,612,500 NZ$1,894,664 64% 73% Yes
06-Apr-17 Applied Art & Studio Ceramics, Dunbar Sloane, Wellington NZ$138,700 NZ$162,264 108% 78% Yes
06-Apr-17 NZ & International Art, Day 2, Dunbar Sloane, Wellington NZ$138,700 NZ$162,264 108% 78% Yes
05-Apr-17 Auction No 5, Bowerbank Ninow, Auckland NZ$136,896 NZ$160,817 103% 82% Yes
05-Apr-17 The Laverty Collection - Part III, Deutscher and Hackett , Sydney A$2,146,100 A$2,618,242 123% 94% Yes
05-Apr-17 NZ & International Art, Day 1, Dunbar Sloane, Wellington NZ$941,750 NZ$1,101,844 90% 81% Yes
04-Apr-17 Antiques & Art (Art lots only) , Cordy's, Auckland NZ$33,820 NZ$38,886 307% 74% No
04-Apr-17 Important & Rare Art , International Art Centre, Auckland NZ$658,775 NZ$767,460 37% 70% Yes
04-Apr-17 Fine & Decorative Arts (Art lots only), Raffan Kelaher & Thomas P/L, Sydney A$38,020 A$44,456 100% 77% No
30-Mar-17 Fine Art, Lawsons, Sydney A$91,820 A$112,651 59% 57% Yes
28-Mar-17 Artworks by John Plapp from the Estate, Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney A$27,650 A$33,180 107% 81% No
26-Mar-17 Collectable Australian & European Paintings, Elder Fine Art, Adelaide Prices not yet available  
21-Mar-17 Fine Art, Leonard Joel, Melbourne A$639,150 A$778,600 59% 60% Yes
21-Mar-17 Fine and Decorative Arts, Jewellery & Furniture, McKenzies Auctioneers, Perth A$54,335 A$62,471 58% 66% No
21-Mar-17 The Collection of Rodney Davidson AO OBE LLB (Art lots only), Mossgreen Auctions, Melbourne A$119,780 A$148,527 72% 51% Yes
19-Mar-17 Chateau Campagnard Auction, Scammell Auctions, Adelaide A$35,820 A$41,192 77% 69% No
18-Mar-17 MonthlY Auction (Art lots only), David Barsby Auctions, Sydney A$15,610 A$17,945 38% 45% No
16-Mar-17 A Private Collection of Contemporary Art & Applied Arts, Art+Object, Auckland NZ$234,080 NZ$275,004 79% 65% Yes
15-Mar-17 The Gould Collection of Important Australian Art, Deutscher and Hackett , Sydney A$6,293,900 A$7,678,558 107% 72% Yes
14-Mar-17 Richard Weiss Contemporary Art Collection , Mossgreen Auctions, Online Auction A$44,800 A$55,552 60% 61% No
12-Mar-17 Collector's Art Market, GFL Fine Art, Perth A$99,230 A$114,095 95% 88% Yes
09-Mar-17 Fine Art, Lawsons, Sydney A$91,045 A$111,737 70% 70% Yes
07-Mar-17 The Lowenstein Collection of Modern & Contemporary Australian Art, Mossgreen Auctions, Melbourne A$655,600 A$812,944 34% 47% Yes
04-Mar-17 The Kozminsky Collection (Art lots only), Leonard Joel, Melbourne A$30,060 A$36,619 129% 96% No
28-Feb-17 Antiques & Art (Art lots only) , Cordy's, Auckland NZ$38,675 NZ$44,476 N/A 77% No
28-Feb-17 Aboriginal Art, Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney A$120,400 A$144,480 87% 51% Yes
28-Feb-17 A2 Art, Mossgreen-Webb's (formerly Webb's), Auckland NZ$170,590 NZ$200,443 46% 59% Yes
26-Feb-17 The Thomas Vroom Collection, Leonard Joel, Melbourne A$740,865 A$902,507 94% 87% Yes
23-Feb-17 Fine Art, Lawsons, Sydney A$145,280 A$178,298 90% 65% Yes
22-Feb-17 New Collectors Art, Art+Object, Auckland NZ$438,885 NZ$515,690 75% 65% Yes
21-Feb-17 Works from Artist’s Estates & Collectable Art , International Art Centre, Auckland NZ$207,120 NZ$241,295 104% 86% Yes
18-Feb-17 Monthly Auction (Art lots only), David Barsby Auctions, Sydney A$3,885 A$4,460 15% 51% No
16-Feb-17 Specialist Prints & Photographs, Leonard Joel, Melbourne A$60,250 A$73,395 50% 56% No
12-Feb-17 Estate of the late Tom Mathieson (Art lots only), Davidson Auctions, Sydney A$352,085 A$415,460 154% 100% Yes
09-Feb-17 Fine Art, Lawsons, Sydney A$57,595 A$70,685 53% 60% No
09-Feb-17 Australian & International Fine Art, Menzies, Melbourne A$5,598,600 A$6,871,009 83% 83% Yes
05-Feb-17 The Collection of Michael Ball (Art lots only), Mossgreen Auctions, Sydney A$187,110 A$232,016 289% 83% Yes
01-Feb-17 Travel & Exploration (Australian & NZ lots only), Bonhams, London £6,650 £8,313 128% 86% No
27-Jan-17 Fine Art, Lawsons, Sydney A$74,450 A$74,619 61% 75% No
24-Jan-17 Antiques & Art (Art lots only) , Cordy's, Auckland NZ$5,315 NZ$6,112 532% 53% No
21-Jan-17 January Auction, Day 1 (Art lots only), David Barsby Auctions, Sydney A$33,945 A$39,037 57% 59% No