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Artist Name Gender Birth/Death Country No. Listed
Uambajumba, Evelyn F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Uburtja, Roland M 1940-71 Australia (Aboriginal) 20
Ubwrtja, Roland M Australia 1
Uebergang, Peggy F 20th century Australia 1
Ugle, Primus F 1941-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Uhrig, Ruth F 1931-. Australia 2
Uhrig, Shirley F Australia 2
Uiloriks, Cornelius (Case) M Working 1960s-80s Holland, Australia 2
Ulah, Yilpi Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ulidjiri, Thompson M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ulingurri, Thompson M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ulingurri, Attributed, Thompson Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ulitjiri, Thompson M 1930-2009 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ulitjirri, M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ullman, Heinz M New Zealand 3
Ullmann, Ines M Working c1999 Australia 2
Ulm, Emile Frederick Victor M 1840-1896 France, Australia 1
Ulmann, Nicholas Reid M 1974-. Australia 1
Ulmann, Robert M 1927-99 Europe, Australia 11
Umbagai, Anjolu Heather F 1954-. Australia (Aboriginal) 15
Umbagarri, Jawa Working 1970s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Umbers, Angela F New Zealand 1
Umdardja, Wornda Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Umeewarra, Dorothy F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Underhill, Anthony (Tony) M 1923-77 Australia, Britain 22
Underwood, John M Working c1988 Australia 5
Underwood, Lola F Australia 1
Underwood, Roy M c1928-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Underwood, Underwood & New Zealand 3
Underwood, Walter Melton (Mel) M 1907-90 Australia 14
Undery, William (Bill) M 1955-. Australia 2
Undulya, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Undy, Gordon M Working c1993 Australia 2
Ungar, Thora F 1911-2005 Australia (Aboriginal) 24
Unger, Maureen Patricia (Pat) F 1928-. New Zealand 29
Ungia, Ruby F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ungwanaka, Rachel Kngwarria F 1946-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Unsworth, Ken M 1931-. Australia 54
Unsworth, William M Working c1947 Australia 2
Unverricht, Daniel M 1975-. New Zealand 7
Unwin, Ernest Ewart M 1881-1944 Australia 10
Upenieks, Harjis M 1925-. Australia 1
Upritchard, Francis F 1976-. New Zealand 56
Upton, A. M Working c1870 Australia 1
Upton, Alan M 20th/21st Century Australia 2
Upton, Amanda F 1965-. Australia 5
Upton, John R. M 1892-1987 Australia 35
Upton, Ron M 1937-. Australia 5
Upward, Peter M 1932-84 Australia 78
Upwood, Peter M Working 1970s Australia 1
Uralba, Peter M Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Uranjuma, Luluna F Working 1960s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Urbahn, Terry M 1961-. New Zealand 6
Urbanc, Susan F Australia 5
Urbonas, Leonas M 1925-2012 Germany, Australia 8
Urburtja, Roland M Australia 2
Ure Smith, Sydney George M 1887-1949 Britain, Australia 303
Ure Smith, Attributed, Sydney George Britain, Australia 2
Uren, Colin M Working 1960s Australia 2
Urlich, Colleen Waata F 1939-2015 New Zealand 1
Urquhart, Henry M New Zealand 1
Urquhart, Jennifer F Working c1981 New Zealand 2
Urvan, Maggie F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Usadel, Max M Working c1934 Australia 1
Ussher, Lili F 20th/21st Century Australia 1
Ussher, Mark M 1975-. New Zealand 9
Ussher, Michelle F 1975-. Australia 3
Uzur, Branca F Working 1990s Europe, Australia 3