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News and Opinion

The star lot Gauguin, 1968 (lot 40) by Brett Whiteley sold to a room bidder for $1.4 million. The work was given by Brett Whiteley as part payment for the rent owed by the artist to the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York, before being sold by the hotel owners at auction in New York in May this year.
Did Sotheby's fail to assay an unknown copyist's golden streak?
By Terry Ingram on 23-Jul-2014 (Exclusive to the AASD)

Sotheby's Australia's most formidable Australian art auction specialist team appears to have missed or passed over an important link in contextualising one of the most tantalising of the lots in its sale of art and design on Melbourne on July 29, writes Terry Ingram.

Christie's questions ownership of painting and financing

A case involving allegations of art fraud has strayed into the world of art financing and how the wealthy buy and sell art through their personal superannuation funds.

Louise McBride, a barrister, is suing auction house Christie's, classic car and art dealer Alex Holland and her former art consultant Vivienne Sharpe over an Albert Tucker painting bought in May 2000 that she says has been revealed as a fake, writes Anne Davies in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Tim Goodman builds a new empire in Finsbury Park
By Terry Ingram on 19-Jul-2014 (Exclusive to the AASD)

Tim Goodman is returning to London this week to take possession of new premises in London's Finsbury Park with a stopover in Hong Kong on his way to firm up a major consignment and talks with associates, in his new UK based Internet venture.

A short visit to Australia after many months in London resulted in talks with prospective new staff in Australia including Vicki Stait, formerly of Sotheby's Australia and with whom Goodman worked when he held that franchise, who will be joining the Goodman's venture.

Hybrid sale's curious offspring - a Chinese day bed - is much loved
By Terry Ingram on 14-Jul-2014 (Exclusive to the AASD)

The market in rare Chinese antiques just won't lie down. A new auction record for Chinese furniture is now being claimed by Lawson's for a 17th century Ming/Qing love seat or day bed sold at a house contents auction it held in Vaucluse, Sydney yesterday writes Terry Ingram

Unlike many of the previous high prices the record was not entirely unexpected. Indeed It seems to have fallen a little short.

Yet various prospective buyers enlivened the weekend viewing by examining the bed thoroughly with magnifying glasses and ultra violet light undaunted by its anonymous offering in a curious openly hybrid (an offspring of room and house contents) auction of carpets, Australian paintings and other Chinese antiques.