You can set up a lot alert for works by an Australian or New Zealand artist based on the name of an artist, or words within a title of a work.

With our Lot Alerts service, we automatically search each new auction catalogue as it is uploaded to our database, for the artists or words within the title that you nominate, and advise you of matching lots by email. Optionally, we will also advise you of the selling price after the auction. By using this service way, you not only keep abreast of works coming up that meet your criteria, but also the latest prices. Each registered user can have up to 150 saved searches operative at the one time.

Your Lot Alerts remain valid while your subscription (including renewals) remains current. If your subscription expires, Lot Alerts are automatically removed and will have to be reinstated if you resubscribe at a later date.

You must be a subscriber to the Australian Art Sales Digest to be able to use the Lot Alert system. If you are a current subscriber, please . Subscription details are available .