The Australian Art Sales Digest lists over 14,000 artists who have lived and/or worked in Australian or New Zealand. To locate the artist whose works you want to view, enter all or part of the artist's first and/or last name(s). Change the search criteria to "All artists" if you are unsure if the artist is from Australian or New Zealand, or is relatively unknown.

Advanced Search

Whilst the basic search above gives you access to all named individual artists who have lived or worked in Australia or New Zealand, there are many works offered where the artist has only signed with their initials, the artist has lived or worked in a country other than Australia or New Zealand, the country of the artist is unknown, that are joint or collaborative works (two or more artists) or Aboriginal artifacts, where in many cases the name of the creator is unknown. Some users may want to search for a title across the whole database, covering all artists. Our Advanced Search facility allows you access to these records.

Search for Australian or New Zealand Artists based on their initials

Search for Non-Australian or New Zealand Artists, Joint or Collaborative Works

Enter the last name of an individual artist or one of the artists for a join or collaborative works. Click the appropriate radio button to indicate the type of search. more info…

Search by title across the whole database and all artists

Enter a word or words to be included in the search. Note that punctuation such as full stops, apostrophes and commas will be ignored. This search will only return matching words, so a search for "cat" in the title will not return works with "cats" in the title.

Aboriginal and Other Tribal Artefacts

This search will return aboriginal artefacts by both named creators and unknown creators. more info…

Many Aboriginal artefacts are sold through antique and collectable sales which are not covered by the Australian Art Sales Digest. Objects from these sales can be accessed through our associated site, Carter's Price Guide to Antiques and Collectables. Click on this link to open the relevant Carter's page. You can browse the objects and their descriptions, but to view the prices you must subscribe for a minimum of a week.