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Wood Relief (Yellow), 1992
Cant VI, 1995
Cant I, 1995

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Mossgreen Auctions
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Australian artist Sarah Robson was born in 1963 and works in oils and acrylics and also is a sculptor.

Our database records art auction sales of works by Sarah Robson from 1996 and in total 7 works by the artist have been offered for sale, of which 6 (86%) were sold. The highest price recorded for the artist is $1,610 for Yellow Painting No. 1 sold by Christies in March 1996. No works have been offered for sale this year, and the last sale we have recorded for the artist was in 2023. Works by Sarah Robson are held by the National Gallery of Victoria.

Sarah Robson is not listed in any of the standard biographical references listed on our references page.

Artists' Resale Royalty

Could the second and subsequent works by this artist sold after June 9, 2010 for over $1,000 be liable for the Artists' Resale Royalty? More info…

Yes, eligible, subject to the artist satisfying the residency test. The artist is alive or has been deceased for less than 70 years. Contact the Copyright Agency for information on the residency test.

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