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Mountain Devil Dreaming 2001
Mountain Devil Dreaming 2001
Mountain Devil Lizard

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Lawson~Menzies (now trading as Menzies)
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Leonard Joel
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Mossgreen Auctions
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Nancy Petyarre was born in Soakage Bore, near Waite River, approximately 50 kilometres north-east of Alice Springs, between c1938. She grew up speaking the Anmatyerre language with four brothers in Utopia, where her parents, Topsey Pwerle and Mick Kngwarreye, had traditional lives in the desert.. She was the second eldest among the renowned and productive "seven famous Petyarre sisters" of Utopia, which included Ada Bird, Myrtle Petyarre, Violet Petyarre, Jeanna Petyarre, and the most notable, Kathleen Petyarre and Gloria Petyarre. Despite being part of the Petyarre clan, known for their artistic skills, Nancy was not a prolific artist herself. Nancy Petyarre began painting in her forties during the 1980s, initially on batik and later on canvas. She also produced carvings that were featured in numerous exhibitions. Her most famous pieces are "Mountain Devil Dreaming" and "Body Paint." Nancy's first exhibition was part of a group show at Sydney's S.H. Ervin Gallery in 1989, where she was believed to be around 50 years old. Her artwork can be found in various collections, including the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin, Australia, The National Gallery of Australia, The Art Gallery of New South Wales, and The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia. Nancy Petyarre passed away in 2009.

In our database, 33 works by Nancy Kunoth Petyarre are listed as being offered for sale, the earliest in 1999, of which 25 (76%) were sold. The highest price recorded for the artist is $12,000 for Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming 2007 sold by Lawson~Menzies (now trading as Menzies) in November 2007. No works have been offered for sale this year, and the last sale we have recorded for the artist was in 2023. Works by Nancy Kunoth Petyarre are held by the Art Gallery of South Australia, Queensland Art Gallery and National Gallery of Australia.

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