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Born in 1947, Arthur Edward Powell, also known as Ted, is an advertising art director, printmaker, and landscape/cityscape artist who currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. Powell grew up in Neasden, a working-class suburb in London, and pursued his education at Ealing Art College in West London from 1963 to 1968, where he studied Fine Art and Advertising Design. During his time at Ealing, Powell worked part-time as a cel painter on the 90-minute animated film, Yellow Submarine (1968), featuring the Beatles. Upon graduation, Powell began working as an advertising art director at Leo Burnett Worldwide in London. In 1976, he moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he worked at various agencies, including the local office of JWT (J Walter Thompson), a US-based advertising agency. Powell also worked in JWT's regional offices in Auckland, Taipei, Detroit, London, and Bangkok before returning to Melbourne in 2004 to focus on painting full-time. During his spare time after work and on weekends, Powell documented the daily life of the streets and skylines in major cities across Australasia, Europe, and America, where he lived, visited, and worked. He captured these scenes in artists' sketchbooks, which he later used as visual references for his future cityscape paintings. Powell's work was heavily influenced by two renowned Australian landscape artists, Fred Williams (1927–1982) and Clifton Pugh AO (1924–1990), whom he accompanied on a three-week painting trip to the Kimberley Ranges in Western Australia in 1989. Under Pugh's tutelage, Powell painted the unique landscape of Outback Australia for the first time. In 2005, he returned to the Kimberley Ranges to camp and paint the landscape for three weeks, seeking a new direction for his art. Powell completed a private commission of fifteen paintings for a Riverina winery in 2006, depicting endangered forests in Australia. He also held a joint exhibition titled Poetic Fauna in 2009, featuring animal portraits, with fellow British writer and poet Bryan S. Cooper. From 2009 onwards, Powell's primary focus has been the city of Melbourne, which he portrays in his urban landscape and cityscape paintings.

The total number of works by Ted Powell offered for sale by auction since 2015 is 13, of which 6 (46%) were sold. The highest price recorded for the artist is $6,091 for Eureka III 2016 sold by Leonard Joel in November 2016. No works have been offered for sale this year, and the last sale we have recorded for the artist was in 2020.

Arthur Edward (Ted) Powell is not listed in any of the standard biographical references listed on our references page.

Artists' Resale Royalty

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Yes, eligible, subject to the artist satisfying the residency test. The artist is alive or has been deceased for less than 70 years. Contact the Copyright Agency for information on the residency test.

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