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New South Wales Sketchbook: Sea Voyage, Sydney, Illawarra, Newcastle, Morpeth

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Edward Close arrived at Sydney with the 48th Regiment in 1817. He resigned from the army to settle near Morpeth on the Hunter River in the early 1820s and was appointed a magistrate in 1825 and a Legislative Council nominee in 1829. Design & Art Australia list a watercolour painting attributed to Close: "a long Panoramic View of Newcastle (ML) dated 11 June 1821, which depicts the settlement, the adjacent coastal strip and an Aboriginal corroboree annotated with a note, initialled 'E.C.’, which explains 'this corrobery [sic] has no business here as it is never danced in the daytime’". The Australian Art Sales Digest lists a single sale for the artist, a New South Wales Sketchbook: Sea Voyage, Sydney, Illawarra, Newcastle, Morpeth comprising watercolours, monochrome wash drawings and pencil sketches sold in 2009 for $900,000 reportedly to the to the State Library of NSW. Edward Close died on 7 May 1866.

Since 1970 we have recorded only one work being sold at auction by this artist, which was in 2009.

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Artists' Resale Royalty

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No, ineligible. The artist has been deceased for more than 70 years.

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