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In The Frock, 2003
Afterimage no. 9 2021
Clare 2

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Leonard Joel
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Shapiro Auctioneers
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Gibson's Auctioneers & Valuers
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Australian painter Yvette Coppersmith, born in 1980, is recognized for her expertise in portraiture and still life. Coppersmith received her education at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. She was the first winner of the Metro 5 Art Prize in 2003 and has since been a finalist for the prize four more times. Additionally, she has been a finalist for the Portia Geach Memorial Award four times and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize four times. Before her winning entry in 2018, she had been a finalist in the Archibald Prize on four occasions. In 2018, Coppersmith had intended to paint a portrait of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, but Ardern was unavailable. Instead, Inspired by Ardern, Coppersmith created a self-portrait in the style of George Lambert., which won the Archibald Prize that year. Coppersmith's works are displayed in numerous public and private collections, including the Jewish Museum of Australia, Benalla Art Gallery, the Supreme Court of Victoria, Trinity College at the University of Melbourne, and the University of Technology Sydney. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Coppersmith teaches drawing and painting and has conducted workshops at the National Gallery of Victoria, Geelong Grammar School, and The Art Room.

The earliest auction listing we have for Yvette Coppersmith is in 2021 and in total 6 works by the artist have been offered for sale, of which 6 (100%) were sold. The highest price recorded for the artist is $7,977 for Afterimage no. 9 2021 sold by Leonard Joel in May 2023. No works have been offered for sale this year, and the last sale we have recorded for the artist was in 2023.

Yvette Coppersmith is not listed in any of the standard biographical references listed on our references page.

Artists' Resale Royalty

Could the second and subsequent works by this artist sold after June 9, 2010 for over $1,000 be liable for the Artists' Resale Royalty? More info…

Yes, eligible, subject to the artist satisfying the residency test. The artist is alive or has been deceased for less than 70 years. Contact the Copyright Agency for information on the residency test.

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