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View of the Valley of Roseau, Dominica
View of the Valley Of Roseau, Dominica
View of the Valley Of Roseau, Dominica

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Watercolourist, surveyor and soldier, Samuel Augustus Perry was born in Wales and spent much of his youth in London. Little is known of his family or education but he was accomplished in Latin, Greek and French. As a Captain in the Royal Staff Corps served in the Peninsular War under General Sir George Murray at Badajoz, Nivelles and Nive. With Captain William Dumaresq (later also of Sydney) he was responsible for returning to Venice the four bronze horses of St Mark's which Napoleon had removed to Paris. He held the position of professor of topographical drawings at the Royal Military College from 1819 to 1823. In 1829 he was appointed Deputy Surveyor-General of New South Wales under the command of Major Thomas Mitchell, a post he retained until his resignation in 1853 due to ill-health. Perry was a member of the committee which organised the second major art exhibition in Sydney in 1849, at which he exhibited several paintings. His work was thought to be an excellent example of its kind, faithfully representing the selected views with accuracy and finesse.

Since 1970 we have recorded only one work being sold at auction by this artist, which was in 1985.

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Artists' Resale Royalty

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No, ineligible. The artist has been deceased for more than 70 years.

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