23 December, 2008

Tough year but Australian art dealers hang in there

AFTER a bumper 2007, the Australian art auction market is down nearly 35 per cent this year, with $114.5 million of art works going under the hammer...
19 December, 2008

Indigenous art 'carpetbaggers' targeted by code

A CODE of conduct drafted to stamp out unethical practices in the indigenous art industry is open for public comment...
10 December, 2008

Arthur Boyd painting sells for $800k

ARTHUR Boyd's landscape painting Moby Dick Hill, near Frankston, Victoria, has gone under the hammer for $800,000...
20 November, 2008

Top artists move to block dealers selling 'fakes'

TWO prominent Australian artists have taken legal action against two Melbourne art dealers to stop them selling allegedly fake works...
13 November, 2008

Catalogue omission prompts suit over Rover Thomas work

THE owners of a 1983 painting by Rover Thomas are suing auction house Lawson-Menzies for not revealing details about previous ownership in its June catalogue, which caused the work to be withdrawn from sale...
4 November, 2008

When opportunity shops knock

This year, not one but two paintings by famous Australians have been discovered by Texan housewives in their local stores...
23 October, 2008

Surrealist left his mark on art world

James Gleeson, Australia's quintessential surrealist artist, died in Sydney at the age of 92. ..
24 October, 2008

Art resale royalties 'may cost indigenous artists'

THE estates of Brett Whiteley, John Brack and Fred Williams will be the biggest beneficiaries of a resale royalty scheme..
21 October, 2008

Alpha males abandon art sales

ART adviser Michael Reid calls them the "alpha male business people who need to own more than they want to own"..
16 September, 2008

The royalty treatment

Tough legislation will guarantee artists a fair dividend when their work is resold, writes Louise Schwartzkoff.
6 September, 2008

Art auctioneer faces inquiry

AUSTRALIA'S leading art auctioneer, Rod Menzies, is being investigated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission following a complaint by his rivals.
30 August, 2008

Slump in sales leaves art auctioneers hanging

THERE are too many auction houses to survive an art market crash, key industry players predict as they reflect on this week's poor auction results...
30 August, 2008

Menzies' plan of auction

ECCENTRIC 20th-century pop artist Andy Warhol thought a lot about image....
27 August, 2008

Records, but art market still twitchy

ART market jitters continued last night with more than half of the works on auction at Bonhams and Goodman in Prahran failing to sell...
25 August, 2008

Drysdale portrait sells for nearly $2m

The 1963 portrait titled Rocky McCormack features a farmer from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales...
8 August, 2008

Artists to be paid for every sale, forever more

...the Federal Government has come good on a promise to share the spoils with artists and their families....
7 August, 2008

Auction season set to resume

The auction season resumes later this month with top-quality catalogues...
1 August, 2008

There's an art to forcing up auction prices

Recent revelations about questionable practices in the art auction market...
31 July, 2008

Masterpiece from glorious period to light up auction season

FOR more than 100 years, it was displayed quietly in a family home.
30 July, 2008

Only regulation will stop shonks

... says a New York art critic, Ben Genocchio....
30 July, 2008

Art auction row goes to ACCC

LAWYERS acting on behalf of auctioneer Tim Goodman and other key art identities ...
29 July, 2008

Gallery accused of selling indigenous fakes

The artist signs his name as Duk Duk - "agile wallaby"....
29 July, 2008

Complaint threatens auction business

OVER the past 10 years, Melbourne businessman Rod Menzies has worked assiduously ....
19 July, 2008

'Unseen' Nolans to be lots of interest

ON May 29, 1945, a 28-year-old artist called Robin Murray created four paintings of Melbourne's St Kilda beach.
19 July, 2008

Buyer beware

The rest of the world is being denied Aboriginal art by outmoded government laws, writes Benjamin Genocchio.
3 July, 2008

Police investigate theft of Australian painting

Experts say a stolen painting by renowned Australian landscape artist, Tom Roberts, will be difficult to sell ...
20 June, 2008

Auctioneers withdraw Rover painting over concerns at listing

AUCTION house Lawson-Menzies yesterday withdrew from sale a painting..
19 June, 2008

$6.9m Picasso an Australian record

A 1954 work by Pablo Picasso became the most expensive painting sold in Australia ..
18 June, 2008

Art fraudsters seek to keep Toorak flat

A COUPLE jailed for Aboriginal art fraud have begun a desperate bid to keep their Toorak apartment..
16 June, 2008

Heysen works fetch strong prices

A dozen paintings by one of Australia's most recognised landscape artists have gone under the hammer..
15 June, 2008

Picasso's lady to put us on art map

A PICASSO up for sale this week could set the record..
15 June, 2008

Sotheby's profits surge after Christie's quit Melbourne

CHRISTIE'S decision to pull out of the local auction game..
29 May, 2008

Joels has been sold

DOOMSAYERS have been quick to declare the art market is about to go into reverse ..
28 May, 2008

Adelaide art lovers start saving

THE largest auction of art works by Sir Hans Heysen to be held in Australia in more than a decade will be in Adelaide next month...
10 May, 2008

Monumental market in bronze and stone

And we all thought Sidney Nolan's haunting images of the bushranger ..
10 May, 2008

Doubts over Picasso sale

ROD Menzies, the owner of art auction houses Deutscher-Menzies and Lawson-Menzies, makes no secret of his ambition to be the market leader ..
30 April, 2008

Shimmering addition to landscape collection

THE National Gallery of Australia added another Frederick McCubbin painting ..
25 April, 2008

Top end of market still thriving

It was a big week for the art auction market ..
24 April, 2008

Art sale proves the value of sculpture

AUSTRALIAN sculpture's increasing popularity was further confirmed last night when a bronze work by Brett Whiteley's best friend, artist Joel Elenberg, sold at auction for $384,000...
23 April, 2008

Surprise result lights up market

A NEW auction record for the post-Impressionist Ethel Carrick Fox was set last night...
19 April, 2008

Indigenous art sales stymied by heritage laws, say auction houses

LEADING art auction houses say that changes to Victorian heritage laws affecting the sale of indigenous art ...
17 April, 2008

Blanchett loses art, but not lot

FOR a few minutes last night it was Cate Blanchett's art collection and not her performance that caught the crowd's attention ...
17 April, 2008

Art to help Pro Hart

One of Australia's biggest art collections went to auction yesterday. Pro Hart's $10 million collection was sold ...
5 April, 2008

Priced to sell - after some arm-twisting

Seemingly oblivious to the recent sharemarket mayhem and the fallout from crashing stockbrokers and their hapless clients, Sotheby's has managed to line up a catalogue studded with interesting and mostly fresh pictures for its Sydney sale on April 22
28 March, 2008

Fresh as a daisy, bar a pretentious minx

ARMS reaching out, body stretched, she looks almost as though she's about to take a dive.
26 March, 2008

O investors, where art thou? Sale's still life

After a record 2007, art auctions are off to a sluggish start, writes Louise Schwartzkoff.
20 March, 2008

Goldie fetches record price

An oil painting considered to be one of the finest by renowned artist Charles Goldie brought a record auction price at a sale in Auckland....
19 March, 2008

Tasmanian art collection sold

A set of paintings bought by the late Launceston art collector Diana Cameron has sold for more than three times the expected price....
19 March, 2008

Red faces as auctioneer loses a Streeton

IT IS every art auctioneer's worst nightmare - the loss of a precious painting consigned for sale by a private collector....
18 March, 2008

Record price paid for Drysdale canvas

An oil on canvas by Australian artist Russell Drysdale has sold for a record $1.68 million at auction in Sydney....
15 March, 2008

Olley hits the spot with veggie buyers

WITH the big art auctioneers yet to launch their sales in an art market that is unlikely to completely shrug off the effects of a near-25 per cent plunge in the sharemarket ....
14 March, 2008

Lawyers offer lessons in legacy

WHEN Albert Namatjira died in 1959, his descendants missed out on a share of the celebrated artist's estate....
8 March, 2008

Now it's Drysdale's turn to set a record

Last month Albert Tucker topped the million-dollar mark for the first time at Bonhams & Goodman....
26 January, 2008

Market vapours threaten the boom in art

The final figures are in, and they show the Australian art auction market turned over $175.6 million last year, up 68 per cent compared with the $104.9 million for 2006....
24 January, 2008

Art chief to head auction house

SOTHEBY'S Australia will be headed by a woman for the first time in its 40-year history....
04 January, 2008

Aboriginal art expert moves on

ART auctioneer Menzies Art Brands is parting company with its Aboriginal art specialist, Adrian Newstead....