Supplied, 13 July 2023

KAWS made a powerful impact at the National Gallery of Victoria in 2020, taking over the space with his instantly recognisable sculptures. Notably, the NGV commissioned a monumental work titled Gone for this exhibition. Towering at an impressive height of 7 meters, this bronze masterpiece stands as the largest KAWS piece ever created. Soon, it will be the centerpiece of the forthcoming Fox Contemporary gallery, scheduled to open its doors in 2028.

Leonard Joel’s upcoming Prints and Multiples auction, taking place on July 19th at their South Yarra premises, will feature esteemed artists from around the world and Australia. Among them are Lucian Freud, represented by two etchings titled Girl Holding her Foot (Lot 15 ) and Head of a Woman (Lot 13 ), and KAWS (Brian Donnelly), whose contemporary presence is showcased through the screenprint Dissected Companion (Lot 18 ) shown above.

Across the auction market, KAWS is within the top five best-selling contemporary artists of the 21st century, with over 2,000 auction results from 2019 – 2022. Dissected Companion marks KAWS’ debut screenprint on the Australian secondary market.

Unlike traditional printmakers, Freud treats the etching plate like a canvas, positioning the copper plate upright against an easel. As he does with his paintings, the artist works directly from his models and using intricate webs of finely etched lines to define their forms, bringing their individual features into relief. While his portrait studies are more frequently encountered in the secondary market, a noteworthy discovery awaits in the Australian market – a rare gem titled Girl Holding her Foot making its appearance for only the second time.

Shifting our attention to Australian favourites, amongst the collection Margaret Preston’s Wooden Bridge, Mosman sits proudly (Lot 12 ). Originally part of a deceased estate, the vendor was pleasantly taken aback upon discovering its value. Other editions of this print have not been seen in the market since 2011, making its reappearance a notable event.

From lots 33 – 40 (lots 33 – 40) feature a series of Eric Thake linocut Christmas card prints. Each work unfolds to reveal its original card format, with inscriptions for an unidentified writer. The vendor had a family connection to the Thake family, in which these cards were received.

On to a contemporary front, an exciting opportunity for collectors arises with two pieces from Tracey Moffatt’s renowned series, Something More. Something More stands as Moffatt’s first photographic series which demonstrates all the elements that have made her work so acclaimed.

A particularly enticing highlight of the upcoming auction is Something More #2 (Lot 20 ), a rarity that has only been seen as a single print on the market once before in 2015.


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