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<p>A large work &#39;Two Rock Pools&#39; 1967-8 (lot 43) by Michael Smither from the late 1960s came to the sale with an ambitious pre-sale estimate of $500,000-$750,000. The highest price for a work by Smither until this week was $285,000 and the work was sold for $430,000, the highest price at auction this year for a NZ living artist.</p>
By Briar Williams in Auckland on 02-Dec-2022 Exclusive to the AASD

New auction records for Michael Smither and Karl Maughan but C.F Goldie remains number one at International Art Centre’s Important and Rare Sale.

Two security guards posted outside the front of the International Art Centre on the night of their final Important and Rare auction for 2022 provided a stark reminder of the reality of being a retail business in Auckland currently. This year has seen a huge increase in crime in Auckland, especially ramraids and burglaries fuelled by a cost of living crisis and social inequality exacerbated by two years of Covid. International Art Centre was previously targeted in 2017 when two Maori portraits by painter Gottfried Lindauer were stolen after a utility vehicle was driven into their street front windows. The portraits with combined pre-auction estimates of about $700,000 have never been recovered. This sale contained two works by C.F Goldie totalling well over a million dollars which received good presale publicity in the national media prior to the sale so the presence of security guards in the current climate was a wise move.

<p>Art + Object&rsquo;s last Important Paintings and Contemporary Art sale for 2022, comprised a healthy 114 lots. With talk of a recession looming for 2023, A+O will be pleased to have sold some of the major works at well over estimate, with a sale total of $2,268,310 on the night. Works by Gow Langsford artists easily met or exceeded their comparable retail prices, a classic example being a large outdoor sculpture by Paul Dibble <em>View over the Interior</em> (lot 67) selling for $270,000 against a $160,000 low estimate.</p>
By Briar Williams in Auckland on 28-Nov-2022 Exclusive to the AASD

Art + Object posts a solid result for their final Important Paintings and Contemporary Art sale for 2022

An article by John Albrecht, Chairman of Leonard Joel in Melbourne in their house magazine, recounts the experience of his recent trip to London where he met with fellow auctioneers and attended auction room viewings and sales. He noted with relief and also sadness the lack of buyers in attendance during an auction, which mirrored his own experience at Leonard Joel. Although the viewings were busy, the auctions themselves were quiet with mainly the auctioneer, auction house staff and a few buyers in attendance. Everyone else participated online, with absolutely no detriment to the sale total.

The Spark Foundation Collection sold by International Art Centre in Auckland on 1 September 2022 was primarily assembled in the late 1990s and early 2000s and had a primary focus on contemporary New Zealand artists and artists with a Wellington connection.  Works by women artists were in hot demand on the night, with a lot by Gretchen Albrecht providing the most excitement on the night. Her 'Inlet West Coast' (above) comes from a desirable period of the artist’s work, with the lot selling for $165,000.
By Briar Williams in Auckland on 05-Sep-2022 Exclusive to the AASD

Women Artists take out the top lots at The Spark Foundation Collection at International Art Centre.

September is shaping up to be an action-packed month for auction goers in New Zealand.  Additional sales have been slotted into the calendar for all the auction houses and while the BNZ sale coming up at Webb’s is garnering the lions share of the attention and publicity, the sale of the Spark Collection at International Art Centre last week still made a handy contribution to their sale total for the year.

The low estimate of $550,000 for Don Binney’s Heron’s Departure, New Spring, Te Henga (above). pitched the painting near the top of the artist’s market at auction but it ticked a lot of boxes for collectors, including a documented provenance and exhibition history. After around 15 minutes of bidding it sold for $920,000 ($1,110 440 including buyer's premium), escalating Don Binney into a small club artists who have exceeded $1,000,000 at auction in New Zealand.
By Briar Williams in Auckland on 11-Aug-2022 Exclusive to the AASD

Don Binney enters an elite club with a $1 million plus record price at Art + Object’s Important Paintings and Contemporary Art Sale on 9 August in Auckland.

It felt like it a long time between sales at Art + Object this winter season. Since the team moved their often monumentally large New Collectors sales online this year, there has only been a single in-room art auction this year held back in April and I felt it was nice to be back – there was even French champagne and nice wine on offer!

The International Art Centre Important & Rare Art auction on 3 August 2022 in Auckland was their first in-room sale by for two years and offered all the usual auction room favourites with extremely reasonable estimates. Rita Angus’s skill with the watercolour technique and handling of the brush is unsurpassed and was evident in lot 52, Lake Wanaka, so it was no surprise that this lot well exceeded its low estimate of $90,000 to sell for $150,000.
By Briar Williams in Auckland on 06-Aug-2022 Exclusive to the AASD

International Art Centre Sets the bar high for the first auction of the winter season in Auckland.

In my initial review of the International Art Centre's August Important & Rare Art auction catalogue, I was impressed by the quality and breadth of the offering. There was something for everyone: all the usual auction room favourites who have been mentioned numerous times in these articles of late such as C. F Goldie, Fiona Pardington and Karl Maughan as well as some rare examples of works by some of New Zealand’s most senior artists such as Rita Angus and Colin McCahon. The estimates on the 131 lots seemed extremely reasonable, with some on the low side compared to recent sales.

Art + Object’s sale of Important Paintings and Contemporary Art in Auckland on April 7, 2022 included 'Black Window' (above) by Ralph Hotere. The work was from one of the artist’s most commercially desirable series was well provenanced, having been selected for the 1984 Sydney Biennale and had not been offered on the open market previously.  A starting bid of $100,000 had been left online and the work was sold to a phone bidder at $150,000 exceeding the low estimate by $20,000.
By Briar Williams in Auckland on 11-Apr-2022 Exclusive to the AASD

Art + Object achieves a sale total of $1.5 million hammer and has a solid start to the year for their with first major auction sale for 2022.

It felt good to be back in the rooms this week for Art + Object’s April  Important Paintings and Contemporary Art sale and with about 60 people in attendance at the start and wine on offer, things felt pretty much back to normal. 

Auctioneer Ben Plumbly knows how to manage an auction room and all its competing elements with a deft touch so for a catalogue of 76 lots, a two hour auction looked very achievable which was a welcome relief after the widespread uptake of internet bidding which has slowed the auction process considerably across the board.

The flagship work at the International Art Centre sale in Auckland on 5 April 2022 was a portrait by C. F. Goldie, Te Hau – Takiri Wharepapa  (above) estimated at $1.5 - $2.5 million, which had been in a private collection since 1957. The bidding commenced at $1.4 million and then slowed when it reached the low estimate. After the auctioneer reduced the rises to $10,000, the painting sold to a phone bidder for $1,570,000 setting a new record at auction for the artist.
By Briar Williams in Auckland on 07-Apr-2022 Exclusive to the AASD

Absolutely no sign of economic slowdown in New Zealand as International Art Centre sale exceeds all expectations.

New Zealand is slowly moving out of its recent Omicron outbreak and life in the super city (Auckland) has felt a bit more normal of late. Webb’s and Art + Object are back to in-room auctions, but International Art Centre held their Important and Rare sale live online this week, and one could ask- why not? This method of sale was hugely successful for them in 2021, engaging a large number of buyers and transacting sales at prices equal to or more than their in room results.