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Date Auction Hammer Hammer + BP % Sold By Value % Sold By No New Highs
05-Dec-23 Private Auction: Criss Canning, Smith & Singer, Melbourne Prices not yet available N/A
21-Nov-23 The Le Pley Collection of Indigenous Art, Leonard Joel, Melbourne A$351,250 A$431,080 81% 81% 2
09-Nov-23 The Wrobel Collection: The Sea and the Shore, Bonhams, Sydney A$19,995 A$24,594 92% 55%  
08-Nov-23 The Rod Menzies Estate | Indigenous and Oceanic Art Collection | Part I, Cooee Art Leven, Sydney A$1,801,650 A$2,211,116 129% 100%  
05-Nov-23 Adelaide: Corporate Art Collection, Theodore Bruce Auctioneers & Valuers, Adelaide A$10,270 A$12,604 28% 63%  
10-Oct-23 Masterpiece: Brett Whiteley Yellow 1975, Smith & Singer, Melbourne A$2,600,000 A$3,190,909 104% 100%  
08-Oct-23 Ken Hinds Cultural Heritage Collection (Art lots only), Davidson Auctions, Sydney A$221,875 A$266,250 115% 77%  
05-Oct-23 Sidney Nolan - Artworks from the Nolan Estate, Leonard Joel, Melbourne A$198,160 A$243,196 72% 79%  
19-Sep-23 Sidney Nolan: Property formerly from the collection of Lord McAlpine, Smith & Singer, Sydney A$1,156,000 A$1,418,727 183% 100%  
17-Sep-23 The Mackley Estate Collection (Art lots only), Elder Fine Art, Adelaide A$569,575 A$673,134 111% 86%  
30-Aug-23 Estate of Odette & James Ingram AO, Evans Hastings Valuers & Auctioneers , Canberra A$17,367 A$20,919 N/A 100%  
25-Jul-23 The Lyn Faulkner Collection of Art, Part II, Gibson's Auctioneers & Valuers, Melbourne A$19,660 A$23,985 77% 57%  
24-Jul-23 The Lyn Faulkner Collection of Art, Part I, Gibson's Auctioneers & Valuers, Melbourne A$76,290 A$93,074 54% 68%  
19-Jul-23 A focus on Barbara Tribe from the Estate of John Schaeffer AO , Bonhams, Sydney A$23,694 A$29,144 150% 88%  
20-Jun-23 The Jim Sharman Collection, Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney A$170,250 A$208,943 71% 77% 1
15-Jun-23 Single Vendor Collection of Modern & Contemporary Art, Theodore Bruce Auctioneers & Valuers, Sydney A$12,915 A$16,144 33% 56%  
20-May-23 Estate & Collector, Session I (Art lots only), Davidson Auctions, Sydney A$198,150 A$237,780 113% 67%  
08-May-23 The Alison Kelly Collection of Indigenous Art, Gibson's Auctioneers & Valuers, Melbourne A$224,960 A$274,451 113% 90%  
07-May-23 The Barbara Sherwood Collection, Raffan Kelaher & Thomas P/L, Sydney A$4,940 A$5,879 97% 72%  
01-May-23 Australian & International Art, Colville Auctions Pty. Ltd., Hobart A$94,650 A$113,580 59% 54% 1
30-Apr-23 The Collection of the late Judith and Bruce Terry (Art lots only), Artvisory, Melbourne A$112,340 A$141,548 117% 94%  
30-Apr-23 Property from the Sam Gance Collection (Art lots only), Gibson's Auctioneers & Valuers, Melbourne A$34,460 A$42,041 135% 92%  
23-Apr-23 The Fred and Elinor Wrobel Collection: A Curated Salon, Bonhams, Sydney A$737,300 A$906,879 133% 91% 2
17-Apr-23 The Herman & Inge Thumm Collection (Art lots only), Leonard Joel, Melbourne A$40,650 A$49,889 117% 76%  
30-Mar-23 The Estate of Martin Sachs | Part II (Art lots only), Leski Auctions Pty. Ltd, Melbourne A$100,770 A$120,420 66% 75%  
28-Mar-23 Elegant Interiors, A Single Collection (Art lots only), Bonhams, Sydney A$16,100 A$19,803 70% 50%  
21-Mar-23 Works from the Collection of Cambell Roberson Swan; A One Owner Collection of Australian and International Art, Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney A$358,227 A$439,642 63% 60% 2
20-Mar-23 Max Angus 2023 Timed Auction, Colville Auctions Pty. Ltd., Hobart A$33,350 A$40,020 132% 90%  
10-Mar-23 Sidney Nolan: The Early Works, Bonhams, Melbourne A$51,350 A$63,161 53% 71%  
26-Feb-23 The Contents of The Abbey, Annandale, Sydney. The Property of Ann Sherry AO and Michael Hogan, Artvisory, Sydney A$182,730 A$226,585 102% 91%  
20-Feb-23 The Contents of Yaloak Estate. The Property of Mr Peter Yunghanns (Art lots only), Artvisory, Melbourne A$262,440 A$325,426 146% 89%  
15-Jan-23 The Contents of the Home and Business of Andrew Forst (Art lots only), Shapiro Auctioneers, Sydney A$1,900 A$2,332 33% 33%