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Date Auction Hammer Hammer + BP % Sold By Value % Sold By No New Highs
12-Dec-23 Two Collections - A Collection of Contemporary NZ Art, A Collection of Modern British Prints & others, International Art Centre, Auckland Prices not yet available N/A
05-Dec-23 The Collection of John Elliot Lawford (1933 – 2020), Art+Object, Auckland Prices not yet available N/A
28-Sep-23 William Swainson New Zealand Historical Drawings, Dunbar Sloane, Wellington NZ$35,400 NZ$42,126 N/A 100%  
19-Sep-23 Minimal Opulence: The Gary Langsford and Vicki Vuleta Collection (Art lots only), Art+Object, Auckland NZ$638,090 NZ$759,327 64% 75% 1
10-Sep-23 Worldly Possessions: The Collection of Jack C. Richards Part III (Art lots only), Webb's , Auckland NZ$85,633 NZ$102,331 162% 74%  
30-May-23 The Lois Going Collection , Art+Object, Auckland NZ$2,234,300 NZ$2,658,817 145% 96% 6
12-Apr-23 Images of Aotearoa: From the Collection of John Perry, Webb's , Auckland NZ$20,752 NZ$24,799 109% 62%  
19-Mar-23 The Collection of Ron Sang, Part II (Art lots only), Art+Object, Auckland NZ$1,625,550 NZ$1,934,405 195% 98% 4