For each artist included, the works offered for sale are listed in one of the five following categories:

Category Definition
Paintings Oils, synthetic polymer, acrylic and other media applied to canvas, board, canvasboard and similar support.
Works on paper Most commonly watercolours, or watercolours used with another medium such as watercolour with wash or watercolour and ink, and also biro, chalk, charcoal, conte, crayon, enamel, gouache, ink, pastel, pencil, Ripolin, tempera or wash.
Prints and Graphics Engravings, etchings, lithographs, screenprints, linotypes, woodcuts, photographs, drypoints, aquatints, and other similar processes.
Photographs All types of photographs.
Objects Ceramics, sculpture, installations, artefacts and other three dimensional objects, including pottery and porcelain, and sculpture in all types of materials, and works by Australian aboriginal artists in wood with either carved or painted decoration, including woomeras, boomerangs and shields.