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Value Sold Number Sold Artist Name Gender
NZ$54,528,642 818 McCahon, Colin John M
NZ$43,863,694 305 Goldie, Charles Frederick M
NZ$27,558,470 1,332 Hotere, Ralph M
NZ$23,562,692 689 Hammond, William (Bill) M
NZ$19,575,502 584 Binney, Donald M
NZ$13,959,233 584 Walters, Gordon M
NZ$13,362,239 1,785 Smither, Michael Duncan M
NZ$12,685,629 374 Fomison, Anthony Leslie (Tony) M
NZ$12,595,037 286 Hodgkins, Frances Mary F
NZ$10,086,352 914 Hanly, James Patrick (Pat) M