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Artist Name Gender Birth/Death Country No. Listed
Iacobelli, Aldo M 1950-. Australia 6
Iannone, Dorothy F Australia 1
Ibbotson, Christine F Australia 1
Ibell, Alan M 1983-. New Zealand 8
Ickeringill, Alan M Working 1970s Australia 4
Idagi, Ricardo M 1957-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Idris, Raja Azhar M Working 1980s Australia 6
Igglesden, Charles M. M 1832-1920 India, New Zealand 4
Igglesden, Paul M New Zealand 1
Ikara, Charlie M Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ikin, Humphrey M 1957-. New Zealand 7
Ikin, Maggie F Australia 2
Ikin, Norman M 1924-62 Australia 1
Iles, Arthur James M 1870-1943 New Zealand 61
Iles, James M New Zealand 5
Ilgira, Bluey M Working 1970s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Ilic, Dragan M 1948-. Europe, Australia 26
Illingworth, Michael H. M 1932-88 Britain, Europe, New Zealand 242
Illingworth, Nelson M 1862-1926 Britain, Australia 4
Illortamini, Glen Farmer M 1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Illortamini, Marjorie Wonaeamiri F c1920-? Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Illortamini, Mick Aruni M c1917-73 Australia (Aboriginal) 18
Illortamini, Attributed, Mick Aruni Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Imaroo, Johnny M Working c1989 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Imbarndarinja, Lindsay M 1918-c1960 Australia (Aboriginal) 26
Imgrund, Dorothy F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Immig, John M 1940-2018 Holland, Australia 5
Impana, Kitty Collins F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Imudji, Peter Dabah M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Inalak, Kaminel Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Inalanga, Sam M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Inder, Bridget F Working c2008 New Zealand 1
Indji, Tharwul M 1912-? Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Indo, 1982-. Australia 17
Indyk, Itka M Working 1940s Europe, New Zealand, Australia 10
Ingham, Alan M 1920-94 New Zealand, Australia 16
Ingham, John M Working c1996 Australia 2
Ingham, Marion F Working c1977 New Zealand 1
Ingkatji, Francie F 1975-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ingkatji, Gordon M c1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ingleby, Julie F Working 1970s-2000s Australia 1
Inglemayer, Pixet Working 1970s Australia 2
Ingles, Jack M New Zealand 1
Ingleton, Geoffrey C. M 1908-98 Australia 72
Inglis, Arthur J. M 1904-95 New Zealand 12
Inglis, E. Working 1990s Australia 2
Inglis, Attributed, Arthur J. New Zealand 4
Ingoldby, Jim N. M 1923-. Australia 7
Ingpen, Robert M 1936-. Australia 49
Ingram, Belinda F Working 1980s Australia 2
Ingram, Simon M 1971-. New Zealand 20
Injalak-Ross, Julidtirai Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Inkamala, Adolf M 1914-60 Australia (Aboriginal) 93
Inkamala, Brenda F 20th Century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Inkamala, Clara Ngala F 1954-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Inkamala, Clifford M 1927-82 Australia (Aboriginal) 27
Inkamala, Dellina F 1984-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Inkamala, Emma Naglan F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Inkamala, Gerhard M 1917-77 Australia (Aboriginal) 50
Inkamala, Judith F 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Inkamala, Lilian Stevens F 1966-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Inkamala, Lillian F Working c.2000 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Inkamala, Lindberg M 1942-80 Australia (Aboriginal) 64
Inkamala, Marilyn Nangala F 1952-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Inkamala, Ray M c1920-1989 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Inkamala, Russell M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Inkii, M Working c2017 Australia 1
Innes, Abby M 1968-. Australia 1
Innes, Myrtle F 1894-1988 Australia 10
Innes, R. New Zealand 1
Innes-Kemp, Aileen F Working c1987 New Zealand 2
Innocent, Troy M Australia 1
Inson, Graeme M 1923-2000 Australia 134
Inson, Attributed, Graeme Australia 1
Intjulka, Atipulku F Working c2007 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Intra, Giovanni M 1968-2002 New Zealand 75
Ioane, John M 1962-. New Zealand 5
Ioortamini, Jack M Working c1960 Australia 2
Ireland, Andrew M Working c1985-93 Australia 2
Ireland, Angela F Working 1990s Australia 1
Ireland, Berice F 1930-2011 Australia 1
Ireland, Geoff M 1948-. Australia 7
Ireland, Howard B. M 1939-. Australia 22
Ireland, Kevin M Working c2000s New Zealand 3
Ireland, Peter M 1947-. New Zealand 23
Ireland, Sam M New Zealand 3
Ireland, Scott M 1965-. Australia 24
Ireland, Zoe F 1912-57 New Zealand 6
Iremonger, May F c1920-2017 New Zealand 8
Irindilli, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Irish, Annie F Working 1980s Australia 1
Ironside, Adelaide Eliza Scott F 1831-67 Australia 8
Ironside, Attributed, Adelaide Eliza Scott Australia 1
Irvine, Gregory John (Greg) M 1947-. Australia 514
Irvine, John M 1805-88 Britain, New Zealand, Australia 3
Irvine, Thelma F Australia 1
Irvine, Ysobel Rosalind F 1906-97 Australia 3
Irving, Anthony (Tony) M 1939-. Britain, Australia 76
Irving, James M 1862-1906 Australia 8
Irving, John M 1959-. Australia 1
Irving, Julie F 1953-. Australia 11
Irving, Vic M Working 1990s Australia 2
Isaac, Wilfred Nelson M 1893-1972 New Zealand 2
Isaacs, Liz F 1935-2014 Australia 4
Isbey, Annette F 1927-. New Zealand 22
Ishak, Raafat M 1967-. Australia 6
Isherwood, Jean de Courtenay F 1911-2006 Australia 127
Isherwood, Richard M Working 1910s-30s Australia 3
Isles, Arthur M Working c1900 New Zealand 3
Ismir, Clarke M Working c.1852 Britain, Australia 2
Israel, Ron M Working 1980s Australia 2
Iti, Tame 1951-. New Zealand 5
Ivanoff, Noel M 1963-. New Zealand 15
Ivanyi, Bela M 1936-2022 Australia 31
Ives, Neil M New Zealand 1
Ives, Timothy M Working 1983- Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ivicic, Chris Working 1980s-90s Australia 6
Ivimey, Linde F 1965-. Australia 20
Iwanoff, Michael M 1954-. Australia 15
Iyuna, James M 1959-2016 Australia (Aboriginal) 40
Iyuna, Attributed, James Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Izett, Andrew Pattle M 1869-1951 New Zealand 4
Izett, Minnie F 1862-1924 New Zealand 1