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Artist Name Gender Birth/Death Country No. Listed
Zaadstra, Pieter M 1955-. Holland, Australia 1
Zaastra, Peter M Working c2009 Australia 8
Zabarte-Lorken, Romy F Working 1990s Australia 1
Zable, Benny M 1945-. New Zealand, Australia 4
Zadow, Tina F Australia 1
Zageris, Peter R. M 1947-. Australia 15
Zago, Joseph M 1944-2008 Australia 35
Zagoria, Eli M 1922-2013 Australia 1
Zahalka, Anne F 1957-. Australia 55
Zaiter, Michael M Australia 1
Zakarauskas, Aldona F 1943-. Australia 6
Zaloudek, Richard M 1948-. Europe, Australia 3
Zambra, Emilie Working c.1884 Australia 1
Zambucka, Kristin F Working 1950s-70s New Zealand 37
Zanalis, Vlase M 1902-73 Australia 43
Zandberg, Anna F Working 1980s Poland, Australia 2
Zandbergen, Holly F 1992-. New Zealand 2
Zander, Jocelyn Brittain F Australia 1
Zander, Nils Gunnar M 1944-. Australia 3
Zanetti, Margaret Rintoul F Working 1980s-90s Australia 5
Zanoni, Murray M 1947-. Australia 6
Zavros, Michael M 1974-. Australia 77
Zbukvic, Joseph M 1952-. Europe, Australia 235
Zeck, Gary M 1941-. Australia 24
Zeenig, Russell M Working 1990s Australia 5
Zelazne, Helen F Working 1980s Australia 3
Zeller, Rose Margaret F 1891-1975 New Zealand 1
Zelman, Victor Alexander M 1877-1958 Australia 148
Zelman, Attributed, Victor Alexander Australia 1
Zemlic, Anne F Working c2000 Australia 4
Zepeda, Joaquin F New Zealand 1
Zepp, Del Australia 1
Zerbini, Barbara F 1942-. Australia 2
Zhang, Dong Lin 1955-. China, Australia 11
Zhang, Victor M c1932-. China, Australia 13
Zhao, Honabin M Working c1990 Australia 7
Zholl, Joe M New Zealand 2
Zhou, Joe M New Zealand 4
Zhu, Mark M New Zealand 2
Zielinski, Anastasia F United States, New Zealand 1
Zika, Paul M 1949-. Australia 6
Zikaras, Teisutis (Joe) M 1922-91 Australia 14
Zikos, Constanze M 1962-. Australia 8
Zimmerman, Arnold M 1897-1985 Australia 4
Zimmerman, Aurel M Working 1930s-40s New Zealand 5
Zimmerman, Theodore M Australia 5
Zimmermann, Janette F Australia 1
Zirmay, Marte F 1946-. New Zealand 2
Zmija, Richard M 1938-. Europe, Australia 15
Zochowski, Zuza F Working c2004 Australia 2
Zofrea, Salvatore M 1946-. Italy, Australia 819
Zohrab, Mary F Working c1956-2015 New Zealand 7
Zou, David M Working 1990s Australia 9
Zschech, Mykal M 1957-2015 Australia 19
Zsido, Imre M 1950-. Hungary, Australia 2
Zubryn, Alex M 1965-. Australia 5
Zuker, Arthur M Australia 5
Zuker, David M Working 1970s Australia 4
Zuks, Len M Australia 3
Zuks, Lynette F Australia 2
Zuliani, Guido M 1927-. Australia 17
Zulumovski, Vera F 1962-. Australia 2
Zumloh, Yodli M 1961-. Australia 2
Zunde, Reimund M Working 1980s Australia 2
Zurbrugg, Nicholas M 1947-. Australia 2
Zusters, Jane Arbuckle F 1951-. New Zealand 105
Zusters, Reinis M 1919-99 Australia 583
Zwezerijnen, Marcel M New Zealand 1
Zylstra, Lynn F 1945-. New Zealand 3