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Artist Name Gender Birth/Death Country No. Listed
Yadda, Yata Gypsy c1927-2000 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yalandja, Owen M 1962-. Australia (Aboriginal) 52
Yalata, Gracie Peters F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yalkarriwuy, Banaumbur M Working 1970s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yalkarriwuy, Gali F 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Yaltangki, Tiger M 1973-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yalukama, Left Hand Lee M 1928-? Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yalunga, Jane F 1972-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yalungu, Sandy Sullivan M Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yalwanga, Billy M 1952-. Australia (Aboriginal) 14
Yama, Working 1960s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yamada, Magami Australia 1
Yamak, Jimmy M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yamankara, Thomas Stephens M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yamba, Mel M Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Yambal, Dick Durrurrnga M 1936-. Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Yambunhi, Attributed, Old Nemelok (Nemarluk) M 20th Century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yammanee, D'hange M 1947-. Australia 17
Yan, Lorna N. F 1975-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Yandaran, Bill M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yandell, Christian M 1875-1956 Australia 5
Yang, William M 1943-. Australia 20
Yangarringy, 1932-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yangathu, Dorothy F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yangtarana, Nakaramba Working 1960s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yanima, Puna 1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yanjami, Peter Rowlands M Working c2008 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yankarr, Boxer M c1930-99 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yankarr, Paji Honeychild M 1914-2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 34
Yankarr, Attributed, Paji Honeychild Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yanyul, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yanyup, Working 1970s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yanyurr, Bob Bumarda M ?-c1905 Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Yap, Rudyard M New Zealand 1
Yardley, Heidi F 1975-. Australia 12
Yardley, John M New Zealand 2
Yaringura, Lena M 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 62
Yaringura, Attributed, Lena Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yarrayul, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yarrna, F 1941-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yates, Arthur Edgar M Working c.1895 Australia 2
Yates, Bonny F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yates, Brian M 1946-2014 Australia 73
Yates, Cecily F 1962-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yates, John M Working 1861-1873 Australia 2
Yates, Molly F Working c2006 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yates, Nigel M Australia 1
Yates, Simon M 1973-. Australia 1
Yates, Valmarie F Working 1990s New Zealand 2
Yates, William Peter M Working c1998 New Zealand 3
Yatjitja, Julie F 1969-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yatri, Shruti 1952-. India, New Zealand 5
Yawalminy, Molly F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yaxley, William E.(Bill) M 1943-. Australia 28
Yearbury, James M New Zealand 1
Yearbury, Pauline F New Zealand 11
Yearbury/Yearbury, James/Pauline New Zealand 9
Yeates, Victor Keith (Vic) M 1934-. Australia 2
Yeldham, Joshua M 1970-. Australia 49
Yelland, Jill F Australia 1
Yeo, Aurelie Jean F 1934-. Australia 4
Yeo, Thomas M 1936-. Australia 17
Yeomans, F. E. Australia 1
Yeomans, Peter M 1961-. Australia 2
Yibbyi, Molly F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yibiyung, Roma Winmar F 1944-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yidumduma, Bill Harney M c1932-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yilpi, Maggie F c1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Yin, Francis F 1946-. Australia 9
Yinyika, Judith Chambers F 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yirawala, M 1903-76 Australia (Aboriginal) 190
Yirawala, Attributed, Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Yirindili, David M 1941-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Yirrilil, Colin M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yirrindili, Jill F 1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yirrinyina, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yirrkalia, Jennifer F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yoffe, Michael M Working c.2000s New Zealand 2
Yolgnu, Roy M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yonas, Wendy F Working 1980s Australia 1
Yondee, Shane Hansen 1964-. Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Yonetani, Ken M 1951-. Japan, Australia 1
Yong, Josette F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yonkaitite, Dalia F Working 1980s Australia 4
Yoomarie, Peter M Australia (Aboriginal) 4
York, Jeannette M 1935-2018 Australia 1
York, William Hoard M Working c2002 Australia 5
Yorston, Fleur F 1972-. New Zealand 7
Yoshida, Hodaka 1926-1995 Australia 8
Youghon, Working 1980s-90s Australia 12
Youle, Wayne M 1974-. New Zealand 49
Youmans, Charlotte Beatrice F 1869-1957 New Zealand 1
Youmans, Rick M New Zealand 1
Young, Adrian M Working c2005 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Young, Alan M Working 1980s-2000s Australia 6
Young, Alfred M Working 1960s Australia 2
Young, Arthur M Working 1970s Australia 3
Young, Bevan M Australia 1
Young, Bill M 1952-. Australia 3
Young, Charles (Chas.) M Working c1884-c1918 Australia, New Zealand 167
Young, Dallas Secombe F New Zealand 1
Young, Deborah F 1957-. Australia 6
Young, Don M Australia 2
Young, Dunlop H. M Working 1900s Australia 1
Young, Edna F Australia 1
Young, Elaine F Working 1980s Australia 2
Young, G. Working 1850s Australia 4
Young, Grant M Australia 1
Young, Harold William M 1869-1944 New Zealand 2
Young, James Kenneth M 1924-. New Zealand, Britain 15
Young, Janet F Australia 3
Young, Jenny F 1941-. Australia 5
Young, Jo F Working c2016 Australia 1
Young, Jock M c1955-. Australia, New Zealand 4
Young, John M 1956-. Australia 102
Young, Johnny M Working 2005 Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Young, Joyce F New Zealand 2
Young, Julia F Working c1912 Australia 1
Young, June F Working 1980s Australia 2
Young, Les M Australia 4
Young, Lisa F 1940-. Britain, Australia 16
Young, Louise Colville F Working c.1888 Australia 1
Young, Margaret F Working 1920s Australia 1
Young, Marlene F c1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Young, Michael M 1945-. Australia 1
Young, Mina F 1969-. Australia 16
Young, Nyayati F c1949-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Young, Richard M Australia 1
Young, Robert F. M 1926-2018 Britain, Australia 171
Young, Roma F c1952-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Young, Thomas Mark M Working c1980 Australia 2
Young, W. Blamire M 1862-1935 Britain, Australia 871
Young, W. J. 1949-2021 Australia 10
Young, Wayne M Working 1972-97 New Zealand 7
Young, William M 1875-1944 Britain, Australia 325
Young, Yaritji F c1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Young, Zoe F 1978-. Australia 5
Young (Australia, New Zealand), John Henry M 1869-1937 Australia, New Zealand 36
Young, Attributed, W. Blamire Britain, Australia 9
Young, Attributed, William Australia 2
Younger, Jay M 1960-. Australia 2
Younghusband, Adele Mary F 1878-1969 New Zealand 160
Youngut, Katherine F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yuendumu, Rachel Jurra F c1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yukenbarri, Carmel F c1975-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yukenbarri, Christine F ?-1971 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yukenbarri, Richard Tjakamarra M c1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yule, John M 1923-98 Australia 153
Yulidjirri, James M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yulidjirri, Ross M Working c2001 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yulidjirri, Thompson M c1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 29
Yumbulul, Dhurritjini (Terry) M c1947-. Australia (Aboriginal) 25
Yundemou, Molly F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yungamulwop, Ken Wark M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yungun, Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yunkaporta, Roderick M 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Yunkaporta, Ron M 1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yunupingu, Barrupu F 1948-2012 Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Yunupingu, Dorothy Djakangu Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yunupingu, Gulumbu M 1943-2012 Australia (Aboriginal) 37
Yunupingu, Luma Luma F 1941-85 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Yunupingu, Mangalay 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yunupingu, Miniyawany M 1947-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Yunupingu, Munggarawuy M c1905-79 Australia (Aboriginal) 64
Yunupingu, Nancy Gaymala F c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yunupingu, Ngulwurr c1964-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yunupingu, Nyapanyapa 1943-2021 Australia (Aboriginal) 25
Yunupingu, Yalpi F 1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yunupingu, Yananymul F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yunupingu, Attributed, Munggarrawuy Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yupupu, David M Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yurpiya, Ernabella F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Yuwali, Janice Nixon F 1947-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Yuwati, Tony M 1931-. Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Yuwati, Attributed, Tony Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Yuwun, Marruwarr Yuwun Australia (Aboriginal) 3