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Artist Name Gender Birth/Death Country No. Listed
Nabaluma, Paul M 1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nabanadi, Lily F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nabanunga, Janie F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nabarlambarl, Peter M 1930-2001 Australia (Aboriginal) 13
Nabegeyo, Bob Bilinyara M c1920-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nabegeyo, Bruce M c1949-2009 Australia (Aboriginal) 23
Nabegeyo, Elijah M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nabegeyo, Mary F 20th Century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nabegeyo, Mukguddu M 1943-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nabegeyo, Noel Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nabegeyo, Robyn F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nabegeyo, Terrance M 1982-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nabobbob, Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naborman, Liawanga M Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Naborman, Attributed, Liawanga Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nabulaya, Jacky M 1928-? Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nabunu, Spider Namirrki Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naden, Gail F Working 2000s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nadeseu, Billango M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nadjalama, Shorty M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nadjamerrek, Allan M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nadjamerrek, Gavin Namarnyilk M 1987-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nadjamerrek, Laurie M Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nadjamerrek, Lofty Nabardayal M 1926-2009 Australia (Aboriginal) 153
Nadjoh, Timothy M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nadjolorro, Dick M 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nadjombolmi, Charlie Barramundi M c1890-1967 Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Nadjombolmi, Attributed, Charlie Barramundi Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nadjongorle, Djawida M c1943-2008 Australia (Aboriginal) 72
Nadjowh, Audrey F 20th Century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nadju, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naganbuntji, John M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nagarra, Nora F c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Nagarra, Phyllis Thomas F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nagel, Angela F Working 20/21st century Australia 5
Nagel, Patrick M 1945-84 Australia 1
Nagel, Sue F 1942-. Australia 83
Nagle, Eric M Working c1970 Australia 1
Nagomara, Helen F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nagomarra, Albert M c1925-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Nagomarra, Joan F Working c2008 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Naguljilmi, Working c1965 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nagy, Alexander M Australia 1
Nain, Clinton M 1971-. Australia 41
Nairn, F. E. New Zealand 1
Nairn, Guy M Working c1975 New Zealand 1
Nairn, James McLachlan M 1859-1904 Scotland, New Zealand 109
Naiyomeolmi, Working 1950s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakahara, Shintaro M 1972-. Japan, New Zealand 2
Nakahara, Yoshiko M Japan, New Zealand 3
Nakamara, Elizabeth Marks F c1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Angela Lee F 1968-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Barbara Gibson F 1938-? Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nakamarra, Bertha Dickson F c1955-2010 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Beryl (Puyurrpa) Barnes F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Nakamarra, Bessie Sims F 1932-2012 Australia (Aboriginal) 25
Nakamarra, Candy F c1964-. Australia (Aboriginal) 16
Nakamarra, Caroline Ward F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Christine Yukenbarri F 1977-. Australia (Aboriginal) 13
Nakamarra, Cindy Gibson F 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Colleen F 1970-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Daisy Leura F c1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Debra Reid F Working c2007 Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Nakamarra, Doreen Reid F c1955-2009 Australia (Aboriginal) 23
Nakamarra, Elizabeth Marks F 1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 50
Nakamarra, Emma Nelson F c1970-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nakamarra, Ena Gibson F c1948-2011 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nakamarra, Erna Motna F 1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Nakamarra, Flora Brown F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Florrie Wilson F 1951-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Janet Long F c1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 14
Nakamarra, Janie Ward F c1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Nakamarra, Jeanne Brown F c1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Nakamarra, Josephine Tilmouth F 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Joy F Working c2007 Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nakamarra, Judith Nelson F 1951-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Kathy Walker F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Kitty Evans F 1951-? Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Lady Barnes F c1942-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Laura Doolan M Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Liddy Nelson F 1929-? Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Nakamarra, Lorraine F 1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Lucy Wayne F 20th century Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Magda Curtis F 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Maggie White F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Mandy Malbunka F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Marie Mudjidel F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Mary Gibson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Mavis F 1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Monica F 1956-? Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Morna F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Nancy F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nakamarra, Narlie F 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Narrabri 1950-2010 Australia (Aboriginal) 16
Nakamarra, Nellee Marks F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Nellie Tolson F c1976-. Australia (Aboriginal) 27
Nakamarra, Nelson Liddy Working c.2000 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Pamela Tolson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Pansy Stewart F 1946-? Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Pauline Woods F 1949-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Rose Lewis F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Ruby Collins F 1947-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nakamarra, Susan White F 1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Umarri F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Valerie Severin F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra, Violet Nelson F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nakamarra, Winnie Reid F c1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakamarra/Tjapaltjarri, Doreen Reid/George Tjampu Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakarra, Jimmy Nyalakaya M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nakhle, Fadi M 1963-. Australia 1
Nakiraks, Calern Working 1960s New Zealand 1
Nakurridjilmi, Jimmy M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nala, Janet Forrester F 1954-. Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Nala, Judith Ross F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nalder, David M 1932-. Australia 8
Nalilgu, Joanne Currie F 1964-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nalingu, Joanne Curry F 1964-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nalmalakka, Mary F 1942-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nalorlman, Charlie M Working mid 1970s-1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nalorlman, Larry M Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nalorlman, Nagaboi Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nalorman, Laiawanga M c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nalyirri, Daisy F ?-1997 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namandali, Jackie M ?-1972 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namaradali, January Nonginyari F c1901-72 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Namarinjmak, Paul Nabulumo M 1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Namarnyilk, Kalarriya Jimmy M c1940-2012 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Namarraga, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namatbara, Paddy Compass (Neiimburra) M c1890-1973 Australia (Aboriginal) 27
Namatbara, Attributed, Paddy Compass (Neiimburra) Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Namatjira, Albert M 1902-59 Australia (Aboriginal) 1,468
Namatjira, Ebenezer M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namatjira, Elaine F 1962-. Australia (Aboriginal) 15
Namatjira, Enos M 1920-66 Australia (Aboriginal) 204
Namatjira, Ewald M 1930-84 Australia (Aboriginal) 562
Namatjira, Gabriel F 1941-69 Australia (Aboriginal) 135
Namatjira, Gerald M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namatjira, Hermann M 1952-79 Australia (Aboriginal) 13
Namatjira, Jennifer F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namatjira, Jillian F 1949-91 Australia (Aboriginal) 37
Namatjira, Joshua M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namatjira, Keith M 1938-77 Australia (Aboriginal) 284
Namatjira, Kevin M 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 33
Namatjira, Lenie F 1951-. Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Namatjira, Maurice M 1938-77 Australia (Aboriginal) 271
Namatjira, Oscar M 1922-91 Australia (Aboriginal) 341
Namatjira, Reggie M 1946-. Australia (Aboriginal) 66
Namatjira, Shirley F Working c2008 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namatjira, Vincent M 1983-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Namatjira, Attributed, Albert Australia (Aboriginal) 13
Namatjira, Attributed, Elaine Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namatjira, Attributed, Keith Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Namatjira, Attributed, Maurice Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namatjira, Junior, Albert M 1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 81
Nambadjieadja, Working 1950s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nambarlambarl, Peter M 1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 27
Nambarradj, Peter M 1928-93 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nambatbara, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nambayara, Nellie F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nambijnmbap, Eunice F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namgundja, Old Sam M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namilgi, Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Namilnamil, c1916-80 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Namilyal, Linda F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naminapu, Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Naminilg, Fred M Working c1972 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namirrki, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namirrki, Ivan M 1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 57
Namirrki, Spider '1' M c1925-75 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Namiyal, Bopirri M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namok, Rosella F 1979-. Australia (Aboriginal) 156
Namoregei, Old Toby M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Alice F 1945-. Australia (Aboriginal) 58
Nampijinpa, Allison Anderson F 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nampijinpa, Angeline Tasman F 20th century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Anita Johnson F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Anna Pope F c1965 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Audrey Turner F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Barbara Marks Working c.2007 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Carol F c1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Nampijinpa, Clarise Poulson F 1957-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nampijinpa, Colleen Whiskey F c1953-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nampijinpa, Dolly Daniels F c1937-2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nampijinpa, Elisabeth Haywood F c1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nampijinpa, Elsie Gorey F 1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Esther Giles F 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nampijinpa, Eunice Gunner F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nampijinpa, Evelyn Daniels F 1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nampijinpa, Fabrianne Peterson F 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nampijinpa, Felicity Robertson F 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nampijinpa, Georgina Martin F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Heather McDonald F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nampijinpa, Helen Roberton F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Inkitjili Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nampijinpa, Inyuwa F c1922-99 Australia (Aboriginal) 44
Nampijinpa, Isobel Gorey F 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Jean F c1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 56
Nampijinpa, Jeannie Ross F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Nampijinpa, Joan Lumoo F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Joanne Porter F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Joy Maxwell F 1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nampijinpa, Judy Granites F c1934-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nampijinpa, Juliette Brown F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Katarra c1940-98 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nampijinpa, Kawayi F Working 2000s Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nampijinpa, Kayi Kayi F c1946-2014 Australia (Aboriginal) 18
Nampijinpa, Liddy Miller F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nampijinpa, Linny F 1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Lola Brown F 1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nampijinpa, Lorraine F 1970-c1991 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Lynette Granites F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nampijinpa, M. Hudson M 1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 14
Nampijinpa, Maggie Major F 1977-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Marjorie Brown F Working c2015 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Mary Anne F c1930-2012 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Maureen Turner F 1952-. Australia (Aboriginal) 41
Nampijinpa, Mavis F 1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nampijinpa, Naomi Daniels Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Nora F 20th century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Numida Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Nyurapaiya F 1935-2013 Australia (Aboriginal) 86
Nampijinpa, Peggy Martin F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Petra F 1966-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nampijinpa, Polly Dixon F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nampijinpa, Rosie F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nampijinpa, Sandra Turner F 1954-. Australia (Aboriginal) 15
Nampijinpa, Sonda Turner F 1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nampijinpa, Tjawina Porter F 1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 14
Nampijinpa, Topsy Robertson F 1928-97 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nampijinpa, Valmayi F 1936-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nampijinpa, Yuyuya 1936-. Australia (Aboriginal) 13
Nampitjin, Eubena F 1924-2013 Australia (Aboriginal) 254
Nampitjin, Millie Skeen F 1932-97 Australia (Aboriginal) 42
Nampitjin, Pipita Gordon M 1932-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nampitjin, Rita Kunintji F 1932-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nampitjin, Sissie Matthews F 1942-? Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nampitjin/Tjakamarra, Millie Skeen/Tommy Skeen Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Namponan, Bevan M 1963-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Namponan, Gary M 1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Namponan, Leigh M 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namuk, Working c1963 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namundja, Bob Wanur M c1922-2007 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Namundja, Clark M Working c2001 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namundja, Don Nakaddilinj M 1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Namundja, Glen M Working c1994-2009 Australia (Aboriginal) 11
Namundja, Hamish M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namundja, Johnson M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Namundja, Pamela F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Namundja, Samuel M 1965-2009 Australia (Aboriginal) 28
Namunjdja, Samuel M 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 11
Namunjdja, Yvette F 1980-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanala, Dulcie F Working c.2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanala, Robert M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanala, Winnifred F Working c.2002 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanbula, Rachael F c1970-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nancarrow, Kiya F New Zealand 1
Nancarrow, Rowland M Working 1970's Australia 2
Nandabitta, F 1911-1981 Australia (Aboriginal) 36
Nandabitta, Attributed, Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Nandakwang, Tawee M 1925-91 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangabarra, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangabarra, Dick M c1931-? Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nangajalal, Working 1960s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Alison Minor F 1983-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Beatrica Dixon F 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Christine Peterson F 1973-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nangala, Debra McDonald F 1969-. Australia (Aboriginal) 16
Nangala, Doreen Nolan F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Dulcie F 1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Esther Bruno F c1983-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Gracie F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Intarlyura Andy F c1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Irene F 1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nangala, Janis Forrester F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Nangala, Jardi F 20th century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Jessie Bird F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Joanne F 1972-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Josephine F 1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nangala, Joy Brown F 1966-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Julie Robinson F c1974-. Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Nangala, Kathy F c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Kaylene F c1972-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Nangala, Laurel F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Lily Paka F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Linda Gibson F Working c2020 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Lorna Jackson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Lorraine F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Louise Egan F 1980-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Lucy Hector F 1932-c1945 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Lydia Sampson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Maggie Spencer F 1932-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Maringka F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nangala, Mavis Wayne F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, May Nala Lockyer F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Miriam Olododdi F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nangala, Moira Foster F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Molly F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nangala, Nan F 1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Nellie F c1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Ningie F c1934-. Australia (Aboriginal) 49
Nangala, Nora Watson F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nangala, Norma Joshua F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Nupujic Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Pamela Morgan F c1952-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Panani Martin F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Pansy F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Pauline Sunfly F 1957-. Australia (Aboriginal) 27
Nangala, Philomena Baadjo F 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Rosie Fleming F c1928-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Ruby F c1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Nangala, Sabrina Robertson F 1976-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Tanya Price F Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nangala, Tatali F c1928-2000 Australia (Aboriginal) 28
Nangala, Teresa Nowee F 1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Tilau F 1933-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Vicky Jackson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Wanda F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala, Winnifred F 1964-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nangala, Yinarup F c1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 53
Nangala, Yvonne Gallagher F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangala/Tjapanangka, Ningie/Tjumpo Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangamalya, Fred M Working c1965 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangamu, Solo Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangan, Butcher Joe M c1902-89 Australia (Aboriginal) 20
Nangan, Attributed, Butcher Joe Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanganarralil, Fred M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangandjala, Working 1960s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanganharralil, Fred M c1938-93 Australia (Aboriginal) 11
Nangapiana, c1906-? Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangari, Shirley Purdie F 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Nangkarti, Daisy Andrews F 1934-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nangkarti, Walka Molly Rogers 1945-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nangle, Essie F 1915-2006 Australia 10
Nangunyarri, January F 1901-72 Australia (Aboriginal) 21
Nangunyarri, Number One M c1890-1971 Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nangunyarri, Attributed, January Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanii, Sally Liki F c1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Naningulaguma, 1934-? Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nanjin, Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nankin, Harry M 1963-. Australia 1
Nankivell, Frank Arthur M 1869-1959 Australia, United States 16
Nannup, Wendy Feifar F 1946-. Australia 31
Nanra, Dulcie F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanudya, Bill M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanunjdja, Clark M 1941-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanya, Mary F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanyin, Old Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nanytjawuy, Nevill M 1942-1998 Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Nanytjawuy, Attributed, Nevill Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nanyuma, Rosie F c1940-2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Naomi, Nafisa F Working c2003 Australia 1
Napaljari, Melody F 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Ada Andy F 1954-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napaljarri, Barbara Charles F c1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 15
Napaljarri, Biddy Rockman F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napaljarri, Brenda F c1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Cassidy M c1923-2006 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Debbie Brown F 1985-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napaljarri, Dora F 1922-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napaljarri, Doris Takaria F 1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Eileen F 1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 40
Napaljarri, Eleanor Wayne/Kenny Wayne Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Elizabeth Gordon F 1954-. Australia (Aboriginal) 24
Napaljarri, Esther F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Genevieve Baadjo F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Georgina Kelly F 1985-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napaljarri, Gladys F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Glenys Gibson F 1968-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Napaljarri, Gracie Ward F 1972-. Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Napaljarri, Helen Nelson F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napaljarri, Hilda Martin F c1941-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Janelle Stockman F 1976-2009 Australia (Aboriginal) 16
Napaljarri, Jean F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Judy Nyirrpiya Walker F Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Napaljarri, Karen Barnes F Working c2007 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Katarra Butler F c1946-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Katherine F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Kitty Pultara F 1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napaljarri, Leonie F c1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Napaljarri, Leonnie Kamutu F c1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Lilly Norman F 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Napaljarri, Linda Syddick F 1941-. Australia (Aboriginal) 65
Napaljarri, Lorna Peterman F 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Louisa Lawson F c1926-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napaljarri, Lucy Kennedy F 1926-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napaljarri, Lynette Granites F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Mabel Jurra F c1960-96 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Maggie Ross F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napaljarri, Mai F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napaljarri, Maisie Campbell F 1952-. Australia (Aboriginal) 17
Napaljarri, Margaret Rose F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Marjorie Nelson F Working c2001 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Martha McDonald F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napaljarri, Mary Markati F 1926-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Napaljarri, Mavis Jugadai F Working c2013 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napaljarri, Melody F 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Milliga F c1921-94 Australia (Aboriginal) 23
Napaljarri, Molly Jugadi F Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napaljarri, Mona Rockman F c1924-. Australia (Aboriginal) 11
Napaljarri, Monica F c1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Napaljarri, Ngoia Pollard F c1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 68
Napaljarri, Nora Andy F c1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napaljarri, Norah Nelson c1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Noya Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Old Lady Morton F ?-2017 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napaljarri, P. C. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Parara F c1944-2003 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Payu West c1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napaljarri, Peggy Rockman F 1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 14
Napaljarri, Polly Ngala F 1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Rachael Jurra F 1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napaljarri, Renata Nangagee F 1976-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Rosalie F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Rose Ann F 1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Rosie Campbell F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Ruby Ross F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Ruth Oldfield F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Samantha Daniels F Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Napaljarri, Sheila Brown F c1940-2003 Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napaljarri, Sonia F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Susan Gibson F 1972-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Napaljarri, Susie Bootja Bootja F c1932-2003 Australia (Aboriginal) 87
Napaljarri, Takariya c1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Napaljarri, Takeriya M c1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Teresa Baadjo F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Theresa Nowee F 1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Tjungupi Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Tjunkiya F 1927-2009 Australia (Aboriginal) 106
Napaljarri, Topsy F Working c2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Napaljarri, Ulkalara Kantamarra F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Valerie Lynch F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napaljarri, Wentja F c1945-. Australia (Aboriginal) 27
Napaljarri, Winifred Nanala F 1964-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Wintjiya (Winnie) F 1932-2014 Australia (Aboriginal) 47
Napaljarri, Yakari F 1925-. Australia (Aboriginal) 14
Napaljarri, Yukalari 20th century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Attributed, Eileen Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Attributed, Ngoia Pollard Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri, Attributed, Polly Ngala Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napaljarri, Attributed, Susie Bootja Bootja Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaljarri/Napalajarri, Tjunkayi/Wintja Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Aileen Long F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Alice Granites F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napanangka, Anmanari F 1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napanangka, Audrey Martin F Working c2006 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Napanangka, Barbara F Working c2006 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napanangka, Beverley Marshall F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Beyula Puntungka 1966-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napanangka, Biddy Hutchinson F 1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napanangka, Bridget F c1935-2003 Australia (Aboriginal) 11
Napanangka, Daisy Nelson F c1924-2001 Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napanangka, Donna Watson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Eileen Nelson F 1957-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Elise F 20th century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Elsie Granites F 1963-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napanangka, Eunice F 1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 28
Napanangka, Fiona Young F 1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Freda Tjemma F c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Napanangka, Gladys F 1942-2005 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napanangka, Ivy Robertson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Jean Brown F Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Napanangka, Jillian Giles F 1979-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napanangka, Kathleen Paddoon F 1938-. Australia 27
Napanangka, Katungka 1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 24
Napanangka, Kelly Michaels F 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napanangka, L(orna) Brown F c1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 30
Napanangka, Letisha Marshall F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Liddy Walker F 1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Napanangka, Lorna F 1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 28
Napanangka, Louise Numina F 1975-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Maggie White F c1935-? Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Napanangka, Makinti F c1922-2011 Australia (Aboriginal) 268
Napanangka, Margaret F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Mati Mudjidell 1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Napanangka, Maudie Matangali F c1932-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napanangka, Minnie F c1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napanangka, Miriam F c1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Napanangka, Mitjili Gibson c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 13
Napanangka, N(ancy) Tax F c1940-2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Napanangka, N. Campbell (Nancy) F 1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napanangka, Nancy Naninurra F c1936-. Australia (Aboriginal) 47
Napanangka, Netta Williams F Working c2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napanangka, Nora F c1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napanangka, Pirrimangka F c1945-2001 Australia (Aboriginal) 39
Napanangka, Priscilla F c1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Raylene F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Sarah F 1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Napanangka, Selma Tasman F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Sheree Anderson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Sylvana Marks Working c2005 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napanangka, Tjemma F 1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanangka, Topsy Peters F c1924-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napanangka I (Uta Uta’s wife), Walangkura F c1922-2010 Australia (Aboriginal) 40
Napanangka II, Walangkura F c1946-2014 Australia (Aboriginal) 209
Napanangka Yukenbarri, Lucy F c1934-2003 Australia (Aboriginal) 91
Napangardi, Agnes Macdonald F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napangardi, Amy Nelson F c1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Anna Tilmouth F 1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Annie Nelson F 1968-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napangardi, Antonia Michaels F 1998-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Bai Bai F c1936-. Australia (Aboriginal) 55
Napangardi, Balba Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napangardi, Bambatu F 1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 37
Napangardi, Barbara Reid F 1962-. Australia (Aboriginal) 40
Napangardi, Belinda F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Beryl Robertson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Betsy Lewis F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 20
Napangardi, Biddy Raymond F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangardi, Bombatu M c1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangardi, Carol Gallagher F c1935-? Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Napangardi, Denise Robertson F 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napangardi, Donna Abbott F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Dorothy Robinson F c1956-2013 Australia (Aboriginal) 291
Napangardi, Elizabeth F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Eunice F c1950-2005 Australia (Aboriginal) 82
Napangardi, Florrie Watson F c1946-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napangardi, Gail F 1970-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Gladys Tasman F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napangardi, Gloria Gill F 1974-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Ivy Poulson F 1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napangardi, J(udy) Jigili F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Jeanie Lewis F c1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Jolene Reid F Working c2006 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangardi, Joyce Brown F Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Napangardi, Judith Hargraves F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Judy Watson F c1925-2016 Australia (Aboriginal) 193
Napangardi, Kaginagarra Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Kara Ross F 1982-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, L(ily) Campbell F c1970-. Australia (Aboriginal) 19
Napangardi, Lena Manditjara F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Leonie F c1947-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Lily Kelly F 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 323
Napangardi, Linda Murta F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Lorraine Robertson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Lottie Robertson F c1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Maggie Watson F 1925-2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 99
Napangardi, Maisie Granites F 1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napangardi, Mantua 1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Margaret Jigili F 1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 11
Napangardi, Mary Butcher F 1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 11
Napangardi, Nancy Martin F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napangardi, Nanyuma 1944-. Australia (Aboriginal) 32
Napangardi, Narelle Reid F c1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napangardi, Nellie F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangardi, Nita Kaniyangka 1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napangardi, Njamme 1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangardi, Nyanyuma F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napangardi, Old Molly F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangardi, Pansy F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 141
Napangardi, Patricia Lee F c1961-2006 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Napangardi, Pauline Gallagher F 1952-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangardi, Peggy Brown F 1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napangardi, Polly Watson F c1932-. Australia (Aboriginal) 19
Napangardi, R. B. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Rachael Robertson F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napangardi, Rene Robinson F c1963-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napangardi, Rosalind Dixon F Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napangardi, Rosie Patterson F c1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Napangardi, Ruby Granites F c1920-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Runa Williams F 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Sharon Porter F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Susan Mandijarra F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Suzy Reid F 20th century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Tilly 1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangardi, Topsy Peterson F 1931-. Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Napangardi, Valerie Curtis F Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Napangardi, Veronica Dixon F 1983-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangardi, Wendy (Lechleitner) F c1962-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Napangardi, Yalti c1970-. Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Napangardi, Yukultji F 1970-. Australia (Aboriginal) 22
Napangardi, Attributed, Lily Kelly Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napangardi, Attributed, Nanyuma Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napangati, Wimmitji F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanglea, Biddy F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napanuka, Elma Ross F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Alison Multa F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Bertha Kalene F 1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Naparrula, Betty Wheeler F 1914-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Daisy F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Dora Long F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Erica Ross F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Naparrula, Eva F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Janie Long F c1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Naparrula, Jeannie Lewis F Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Naparrula, Josephine F c1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 18
Naparrula, Kim Butler M 1971-2016 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Kim Marapinti Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Kim West F 1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 18
Naparrula, Lily Scobie F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Linda Walker F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Naparrula, Lissandra Campbell F 1984-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Naparrula, Lorna Fencer F c1920-2006 Australia (Aboriginal) 228
Naparrula, Lucy F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Maggie F c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Naparrula, Margaret Anjule F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Naparrula, Marie Yagun F c1933-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Naparrula, Marlee F 1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 26
Naparrula, Mary F 1968-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Naparrula, Mitjili F c1946-. Australia (Aboriginal) 226
Naparrula, Molly Tasman F c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Mona Poulsen F c1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Mun Mun Larriken c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Naparrula, Nancy F Working 1980s-90s Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Naparrula, Nangarwarra Ward Working c2005 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Narpula Scobie F c1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 27
Naparrula, Ningura Gibson F c1938-2013 Australia (Aboriginal) 261
Naparrula, Paya Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Peggy Poulson F 1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Naparrula, Phyllis Williams F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Naparrula, Polly Wheeler F c1946-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Naparrula, Rosie Tasman F c1937-. Australia (Aboriginal) 21
Naparrula, Roslyn Morton F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Naparrula, Rubilee 1960-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Sally Butler F 1972-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Naparrula, Shiralee Campbell F 1987-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Naparrula, Suzy Stafford F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Naparrula, Tatalia 1957-. Australia (Aboriginal) 26
Naparrula, Tatuli F c1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Naparrula, Theresa Ross F Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Naparrula, Tjarmia Samuels 1942-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Naparrula, Tjunkiya M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Walangkura Reid F c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 26
Naparrula, Wita Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrula, Yulyuyu Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrurla, Molly Martin F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparrurla, Sarah White F 1969-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naparulla, Roslyn Morton Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napaugari, Jualkin Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napawarri, Mona F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Napier, Thomas M 1802-81 Scotland, Australia 1
Napperby, Beatrice Dixon F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Napperby, Jacky M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naraldol, Neville M Working 1970s Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Narangolgi, Thompson M 1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Narbey, Vanessa F 1966-. New Zealand 2
Narby, Brenda M. F New Zealand 4
Nardi, Ugo M 1946-. Italy, Australia 1
Naringarri, Paddy Carlton M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naritjin, Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Naritjin, Attributed, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Narjarurubi, Working 1970s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naromi, Jimmy M 1923-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Narorrga, Barry M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Narozny, Michael M 1957-. Australia 6
Narrguldor, Jonathan M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Narurrke, Andrew M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naseby, David M 1937-. Australia 24
Nash, Albert M Australia 3
Nash, Brian M 1942-. Australia 56
Nash, David J. M 1955-. Australia 4
Nash, Gary M 1955-. Australia, New Zealand 23
Nash, George M Working 1840s Britain, Australia 1
Nash, H. M Working c1850-69 Australia 1
Nash, H. Webster M 1898-1987 New Zealand 39
Nash, P. F. Working 1940s New Zealand 1
Nathan, Don M New Zealand 1
Nathan, Manos M 1948-. New Zealand 3
Nattrass, Luke M c1803-75 New Zealand 1
Naughton, Damien M. M Working 1980s Australia 4
Naughton, Jerry M 20th century Australia 1
Naughton, Keith M 1925-2019 Australia 58
Naughton, Ken M Australia 1
Naughton, Miriam F 1925-. Australia 3
Naughton, Terry 1941-. Australia 2
Nauta, Mark M Working 1970s Australia 4
Naviasky, Philip M New Zealand 1
Nawilil, Jack M 1945-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nawirridj, Barnabas Gadjak M c1920-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nawirridj, Wilfredo M 1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nawukapu, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nay, Michael M 1959-. Australia 4
Nayilibidj, Nelson Maldjiwa M 1927-74 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nayingul, Jacob M c1940-2012 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nayingul, Walter M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Naylor, Dillon M 1968-. Australia 1
Naylor, E. Australia 3
Naylor, Margory F 1909-85 New Zealand 26
Naylor, Richard M Australia 1
Nayton, Jennie F Working c2003-. Australia 1
Neagle, John M 1796-1865 Britain, Australia 4
Neal, Alexis F Working 1996-2000 New Zealand 19
Neal, Reginald M Working 1950s Australia 1
Neal, Ronald John M 1969-. Australia 13
Nealie, Chester M 1942-. New Zealand 9
Neate, Gwen F Australia 1
Neate, Robin M 1951-. New Zealand 1
Neave, David M Australia 3
Neave, Margaret F Australia 2
Nebb, George Alfred John M Australia 1
Nedela, Janis F 1955-. Australia 5
Nedelkopoulos, Nicholas M 1955-. Australia 72
Needell, Philip Gregory M 1886-1974 Australia 3
Needham, Frederick Miller M 1840-1910 Britain, Australia 14
Needham, George M 1903-85 Australia 3
Needham, John M Working c1943 Australia 1
Neeme, Gunnar M 1918-2005 Europe, Australia 17
Nees, Geoff M 1970-. Australia 1
Neeson, John R. M 1948-. Australia 64
Neewili, Charlie Brinkin M 1910-93 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Neewili, Attributed, Charlie Brinkin Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nefkens, W. New Zealand 1
Neighbour, Sidney M Working c1976 Australia 4
Neihan, Susan F Australia 1
Neikannappa, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Neil, Barbara F 1953-. Australia 1
Neil, D. M. Australia 2
Neil, Geoff M Working c1991 Australia 1
Neil, Jan F Working 1990s Australia 31
Neil, Robert M Working 1980s Australia 1
Neill, Mary Elisabeth (May) F 1910-? Australia 36
Neill, Robbie M 20th/21st Century South Africa, Australia 18
Neill, Robert M 1801-52 Britain, Australia 5
Neilson, Angela F 1968-. Australia 1
Neilson, Chris M 1965-. Australia 1
Neilson, Don R. M 1924-2013 New Zealand 269
Neilson, Jan F Australia 1
Neilson, Joan F Working 1970s New Zealand 1
Neilson, Peter M 1944-. Australia 13
Nelipa, Tanya F 1966-. Australia 1
Nell, F 1975-. Australia 3
Nelson, Alice F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nelson, Catherine F 1970-. Australia 2
Nelson, Clarisse F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nelson, David M 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nelson, Faith Thompson F 1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Nelson, G. New Zealand 3
Nelson, Gwen F 1897-1973 New Zealand 5
Nelson, Harold M Working 2003 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nelson, J. McKirdy (John) M 1825-81 Scotland, Australia 22
Nelson, Jan M. F 1955-. Australia 18
Nelson, Jim M 1943-. Australia 2
Nelson, John M 1952-. Australia 14
Nelson, Jorna Naparrula M c1930-2011 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nelson, Julie F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nelson, Kenneth (Ken) M 1927- 2003 New Zealand 5
Nelson, Kim M 1958-. Australia 8
Nelson, Kirk M Working c.2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nelson, Larry M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nelson, Leslie M Australia 3
Nelson, Polly Ngale F 1939-2018 Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nelson, Raymond M c1935-2006 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nelson, Rene F c1955-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nelson, S. Australia 1
Nelson, Sarah F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nelson, Sharon F 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nelson, Simeon M 1963-. Australia 19
Nelson, Tessie F c1970-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nelson, Tyrone M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nelson, Wilfred M New Zealand 4
Nelson, Attributed, J. McKirdy (John) Scotland, Australia 1
Nemec, Jane Ann F 1934-2014 Australia 1
Nemer, P. J. Australia 1
Nemes, John M Australia 3
Nepia, Moana F 1957-. New Zealand 3
Nerli, Girolamo Pieri Ballati M 1860-1926 Australia, New Zealand, Europe 425
Nerli, Attributed, Girolamo Pieri Ballati Australia, New Zealand 8
Nerrimah, Mawukura (Mulgra) Jimmy M c1913-2013 Australia (Aboriginal) 43
Nesbet, Charles M Australia 1
Nethercote, Jean F Working 1950s-60s Australia 3
Nette, Susan F 1938-. Australia 1
Netting, Joanne F 1963-. Australia 2
Nettlefold, Sue F Australia 2
Nettleton, Charles M 1826-1902 Britain, Australia 6
Netto, Vanila F 1953-. Australia 2
Neumann, Arthur M Australia 2
Neumann, James Ward M Working 1994-95 New Zealand 6
Neumann, Josef M 1918-. Australia 5
Neutz, Beverley F Working 1980s New Zealand 1
Neutze, Beverley F Working 1980s New Zealand 21
Neville, George W. M 1889-1954 Australia 37
Neville, Louis M 1852-1919 Britain, New Zealand 14
Neville, M. E. New Zealand 1
Neville, Mavis E. F New Zealand 3
Nevill-Smith, H. New Zealand 4
New, Terry M 1948-. Britain, Australia 1
Newall, Rex M 1939-. Australia 14
Newberry, Angela F 1934-. Britain, Australia 1
Newberry, Bernard M 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Newberry, Jorna F 1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Newbery, Asher M New Zealand 3
Newbold, J. Working 1940s Australia 15
Newbold, Maisie (Lady Drysdale) F 1915-2001 Australia 2
Newbury, Albert Ernest M 1891-1941 Australia 166
Newbury, David M 1925-2003 Australia 39
Newbury, Ian Tjapaltjarri M 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Newby, Kate F 1979-. New Zealand 7
Newcombe, Viv F Australia 4
Newell, Alice F 1876-1966 Australia 3
Newell, Lucy F 1906-87 Australia 8
Newell, Rex M 1939-2016 Australia 247
Newell, Tom M Australia 1
Newett, Scott M 1968-. Australia 1
Newhouse, Raelyn F Australia 3
Newitt, Mildred F New Zealand 1
Newland, Basil M Working 1962-66 Australia 3
Newland, Mavis F New Zealand 1
Newling, Rachel F 1956-. Britain, Australia 29
Newman, A. ?-1949 Australia 4
Newman, Anita F 1946-. Britain, Australia 154
Newman, Barbara F Australia 1
Newman, C. A. (Charlotte) Working c1920-47 Australia 22
Newman, Charles M 1913-88 Australia 75
Newman, Dorothy F Working c1957 Australia 1
Newman, Elizabeth F 1962-. Australia 2
Newman, Josef M Working 1970s Israel, Switzerland, Australia 12
Newman, Lee Australia 2
Newman, Nicole F 1949-. Australia 2
Newman, Thomas William M Working c1900s New Zealand 1
Newman, Trevor M Working c2000-. Australia 2
Newman, Velia F 1969-. Australia 11
Newmarch, Ann F 1945-. Australia 11
Newry, Peter M 1939-2012 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Newry, Yvonne F 1973-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Newry/Newry, Peter/Yvonne Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Newsham, Edwin M 1891-? Britain, Australia 1
Newsom, Tony M Working c1970s Australia 1
Newsome, Mary F 1936-. Australia 1
Newson, Marc M 1963-. Australia 3
Newton, Derek M New Zealand 1
Newton, Helmut M 1920-2004 Germany, Australia, France 116
Newton, Jessie F New Zealand 1
Newton, Kenneth Alan M 1919-2016 New Zealand 1
Newton, M. New Zealand 1
Newton, Mary F Working 1990s Australia 1
Newton, Stephen M 1963-. Australia 7
Newton, Thomas Maxwell (Max) M 1919-75 Australia 19
Ngaboy, Chris M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngabunun, Spider Namirrki 1924-73 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Ngadjerril, Jacky M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngaire, Hewson M New Zealand 1
Ngal, P. F ?-2022 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngalabiya, Michael M ?-1990 Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Ngalakun, Jimmy M 1946-. Australia (Aboriginal) 23
Ngalalgaya, Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngale, Glory F 1948-2003 Australia (Aboriginal) 19
Ngale, Irene F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngale, June Bird F .1953-. Australia (Aboriginal) 17
Ngale, Karen Bird F 1984-. Australia (Aboriginal) 17
Ngale, Kathleen F 1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 41
Ngale, Lena Skinner F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Ngale, Mary Jones F 1954-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngale, Polly F 1936-2022 Australia (Aboriginal) 182
Ngale, Rosie Bird F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngale, Steven Bird M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngale/Petyarre, June Bird/Ada Bird Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngalinba, Irenie F c1979-. Australia (Aboriginal) 14
Ngallametta, Joe M 1945-2005 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngamandarra, Terry M c1952-. Australia (Aboriginal) 28
Ngamme, Jimmy M Working c2003 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngan, Guy M 1926-2017 New Zealand 394
Nganjmira, Alexander M Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nganjmira, Bobby Barrdjaray M 1915-92 Australia (Aboriginal) 172
Nganjmira, Dean M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nganjmira, Eva F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nganjmira, Jimmy Nakkurridjdjilmi M c1919-1982 Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Nganjmira, Joey M 1980-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nganjmira, Lawrence M Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nganjmira, Luke M Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Nganjmira, Nakakadj Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nganjmira, Peter M 1927-87 Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Nganjmira, Ralph M 1959-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nganjmira, Robin M 1951-91 Australia (Aboriginal) 54
Nganjmira, Thompson M 1954-. Australia (Aboriginal) 27
Nganjmira, Trevor M Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nganjmira, Wesley M Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 16
Nganjmira, Attributed, Bobby Barrdjaray Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nganjmira, Attributed, Jimmy Nakurridjidjilmi Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nganjmira, Attributed, Thompson Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nganwhika, Manaakitia M New Zealand 1
Ngapa, Puyuru Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngarla, Glory F c1948-2002 Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Ngarnjapayi, Nancy Chapman F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Ngarra, c1920-2008 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngarralja, Tommy May M 1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngarrarrang, Johnny M 1942-? Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngarrendjeri, Joyce F Australia 1
Ngarrindjeri, Bluey Roberts M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngatara, Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngawaka, Noelene F New Zealand 1
Ngawana, Charlene Carrington F 1978-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Ngawarri, Gypsy Jones Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngawurru, Marcia Purdie F 1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Ngeimil, Woreimu Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngerdu, Wattie M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngirrula, John M 1966-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngitjanka, Linda Napurrula F 1934-. Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Nglanguwuk, Mabel F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngma, Namakarra c1910-? Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nguleingulei, Dick M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngulmarmar, Dick M 1911-79 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngulmarmar, Attributed, Dick Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngulpray, Working 1960s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngumabuy, Elizabeth F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Ngumbe, Charlie Rock M 1911-? Australia (Aboriginal) 14
Ngumbe, Simon M 1938-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Ngunair, Helen F Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Ngurruwuthun, Bingitj M 20th Century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ngurruwuthun, Dula M c1936-2001 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nguyen, Mylyn F 1982-. Australia 2
Ngwarrey, Alana Holme F 1931-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nhulmarmar, 1911-? Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nhulmarmar, Attributed, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nichinman, Val F Working c1979 Australia 1
Nichol, Arthur M 1914-65 Australia 1
Nichol, John M 1943-. New Zealand 1
Nichol, Keith James Craig M 1921-79 Australia 72
Nicholas, Athol Matson M 1898-1964 Australia 38
Nicholas, Colan M 1821-1890 New Zealand 1
Nicholas, Constantine M 1961-. Australia 5
Nicholas, Darcy M 1945-. New Zealand 45
Nicholas, Daryl M New Zealand 1
Nicholas, Emily Hilda (nee Rix) F 1884-1961 Australia 170
Nicholas, Michael G. (Mike) M 1942-. Britain, Australia 20
Nicholas, Richard J. M Working 1882-97 Australia 1
Nicholas, William Michael M 1809-54 Britain, Australia 20
Nicholas, Attributed, Athol Marson Australia 1
Nicholas, Attributed, William Britain, Australia 1
Nicholls, Andrew M 1977-. Australia 1
Nicholls, Bertha F 1898-1952 Australia 1
Nicholls, Colin M Working 1950s-60s New Zealand 7
Nicholls, Colyn M Working 1950s-80s New Zealand 26
Nicholls, Douglas Ralph M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nicholls, Ethel Maud F 1866-1956 Australia 1
Nicholls, Kristin E F Working c1990 Australia 1
Nicholls, Maryann F ?-2015 Australia 3
Nicholls, Michael (Mike) M 1960-. Australia 121
Nicholls, Rhonda F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nicholls, Attributed, Michael (Mike) Australia 1
Nichols, Eva F Australia 1
Nichols, Jonathan M 1956-. Australia 3
Nichols, W. A. M 19th century Australia 2
Nicholson, Beth F New Zealand 4
Nicholson, Carmel F 1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nicholson, George M 1832-1912 Australia 12
Nicholson, J(ohn) M 1970-. Australia 7
Nicholson, John Howard M 1855-1930 Britain, New Zealand 32
Nicholson, Maxwell Leigh (Max) M 1945-. Australia 16
Nicholson, Michael M 1916-2017 Britain, New Zealand 2
Nicholson, Olwyn M 20th century Australia 1
Nicholson, Peter M 1946-. Australia 4
Nickolls, Trevor M 1949-2012 Australia (Aboriginal) 150
Nicol, Archibald M New Zealand 2
Nicol, Erskine E. M 1825-1904 Ireland, New Zealand 12
Nicol, John M 1946-. New Zealand 18
Nicoll, Archibald Frank M 1886-1952 New Zealand, Scotland, Australia 241
Nicoll, Dorothy F Working 1960s-70s New Zealand 1
Nicoll, Attributed, Archibald New Zealand, Scotland, Australia 5
Nicolls, Reg M New Zealand 1
Nicolson, Keith M 1943-. New Zealand 2
Nicolson, Max M 1945-. Australia 7
Nidenko, Kim Australia 8
Niederer, Valda F Working c1994 New Zealand 4
Nield, James Edward M Australia 1
Nielsen, Carl M 1861-1953 Denmark, Australia 10
Nielsen, Diana M. F New Zealand 1
Nielsen, Olav M 1978-. Denmark, New Zealand 13
Nielsen, Philip H. M Working c1960s New Zealand 1
Nielsen, Valerie F 1967-. New Zealand 12
Nieman, Albert M Australia 1
Niesche, Jonny M 1972-. Australia 5
Nightingale, Brenda F 1961-. New Zealand 1
Nightingall, Jack M 1909-8? New Zealand 18
Nigro, Gerry (Angelo) M 1919-c94 New Zealand 2
Nigro, Jan F 1920-2012 New Zealand, Australia 265
Nikodemski, Chris 1956-. Australia 1
Nikolic, Tomislav M 1970-. Australia 4
Nikou, Michelle F 1967-. Australia 4
Nikulinsky, Philippa F 1942-. Australia 33
Niland, Deborah F 1950-. New Zealand, Australia 8
Niland, Kilmeny F 1950-2009 Australia 7
Nillet, George Francois M 1882-? Britain, Australia 6
Nilsen, Laurie M 1953-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nilsson, Leif M 1937-2005 Australia 18
Nimarra, Lady Dixon F c1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nimmo, Grant M 1974-. Australia 1
Nimmo, Lorna Muir F 1920-90 Australia 43
Nin, Buck M 1942-96 New Zealand 81
Nindiluwi, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ningarmara, Phyllis F 1944-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ningawonga, B. Working c2003 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Ninham, Sue F Working c2002-20 Australia 1
Ninuku Arts Collaborative, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nisbet, Herkis Hume M 1849-1923 Scotland, Australia 4
Nisbett-Smith, Alistair M 1942-. New Zealand 38
Nish, Joan F Working c1986 Australia 1
Nishida, Ryuzo 1976-. Japan, New Zealand 9
Nisi, Renate F 1948-. Germany, Australia 1
Nistor, Marian F 1964-. Australia 2
Nithiyendran, Ramesh M 1988-. Australia 1
Niven, Francis William F 1831-1905 Ireland, Australia 3
Nivison, Angus M 1953-. Australia 35
Nixon, Charles M 1870-1934 Australia 1
Nixon, David M Working c2003-2014 Australia 1
Nixon, Dean M New Zealand 1
Nixon, E. Working c1937 New Zealand 1
Nixon, Francis Russell F 1803-79 Britain, Australia 35
Nixon, Frederick Robert M 1817-c1860 Britain, Australia 9
Nixon, Janyka Ivy F 1935-2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Nixon, John M 1949-2020 Australia 74
Nixon, Kirsty F Working c1980s-2000s New Zealand 7
Nixon, Trevor M 1914-. Australia 3
Nixon, Attributed, Francis Russell Australia 1
Njamme, Bernard M Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Njamme, Bruce M 1961-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Njamme, Gary M 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Njamme, Monica F Working c2002 Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Njamme, Nellie F Working c2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Njiminjuma, Jimmy M 1945-2004 Australia (Aboriginal) 50
Njiminjuma, Attributed, Jimmy Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Njinawanga, Brian M Working c2002 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Noakes, John M New Zealand 1
Noakes, Regina F 1958-. Australia 9
Nobbs, John M Australia 1
Nobbs, Kerry M 1952-. Australia 13
Nobel, Ron M Australia 1
Nobili, Louis M Australia 3
Noble, Anne F 1954-. New Zealand 90
Noble, Do M 1954-. Australia 2
Noble, Fleur Elise F Working c2000-2020 Australia 1
Noble, Jill F 1962-. Australia 92
Noble, Richard M 1806-82 Britain, Australia 5
Nock, Michael M 1957-. Australia 1
Nodea, Mark M 1968-. Australia (Aboriginal) 16
Nodea, Nancy F 1950-. Australia (Aboriginal) 22
Noel, Charlie M Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Noest, Piet M 1938-. Holland, Australia 3
Noethen, Harald M Working c1988 Australia 8
Noiduna, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nola, Tanja F Working c2004-. Britain, New Zealand 1
Nolan, Janey Rapangka F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nolan, Jason M Australia 1
Nolan, Jinx F 1941- Australia 1
Nolan, Mandy F Working c1998 Australia 1
Nolan, Rose F 1959-. Australia, New Zealand 12
Nolan, Sidney Robert M 1917-92 Australia 8,584
Nolan, Will M 1979-. Australia 2
Nolan, Attributed, Sidney Robert Australia 4
Nolen, James (Jim) M Australia 3
Nolte, Frederick M Working c1949-81 Australia 35
Nolte, Henri (Hans Rudolf) M 1899-1964 Australia 68
Nona, Dennis M 1973-. Australia (Aboriginal) 38
Nona, George M 1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nongah, Bobyin M Working 1960s Australia (Aboriginal) 16
Nongah, Attributed, Bobyin Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Noogarai, Jacinta Dixon F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Noon, Ann F 1950-. Australia 1
Noonan, Avid M 1969-. Australia 1
Noonan, Daniel M 1974-. Australia 1
Noonan, David M 1969-. Australia 47
Noonan, W. P. Working c1914 Australia 1
Noone, John M 1820-93 Australia 18
Noongali, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Noongali, Dennis Kickett M Working c1990 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Noonju, Nancy F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Noordhof, Elisabeth Johanna (Els) F 1924-2013 Holland, United States, New Zealand 57
Norden, Gerald M Working 1960s Australia 9
Norden, Joan F 20th century Australia 1
Noritis, Harald M 1928-. Europe, Australia 2
Norling, Robin M 1939-2017 Australia 2
Norloman, Laywonga Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Norman, Desmond M 1930-2015 Australia 58
Norman, Douglas M Working 1970s Australia 1
Norman, Edmund M 1820-75 New Zealand 4
Norman, Les M Australia 3
Normand, Simon M Working 1980s Australia 2
Norrie, Susan Jane F 1953-. Australia 240
Norris, Basil M Australia 6
Norris, Graham M Working 1970s Australia 2
Norris, Jeff M 20th century Australia 1
Norris, Keith M ?-2009 Australia 2
Norris, Kim Hamilton M Working 1990s-2000s Australia 4
Norris, Noelene F Australia 2
Norris, Nyukana c1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
North, Donna F 1953-. New Zealand 1
North, Gerry M Working 2000s Australia 1
North, Ian M 1945-. Australia 4
North, James W. M Working 1875-1892 Australia 2
North, Judy F 1941-. Australia 4
North, Marjorie F Working 1930s Australia 4
North, Mary F c1964-. Australia 1
Northcott, Kate F Working c2000 New Zealand 2
Northcroft, June F 1949-. New Zealand 1
Northe, John M 1943-. Australia 5
Northey, Lorraine Connelly F 1962-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Northfield, James M 1887-1973 Australia 93
Northwood, Arthur M 1880-1949 New Zealand 36
Norton, Adam M 1964-. Australia 1
Norton, Alice E. F 1865-1958 Australia 43
Norton, C. B. (Charles Basil) M 1887-1968 Australia, New Zealand 18
Norton, Catherine F New Zealand 1
Norton, Charles (Frank) M 1916-83 Australia 153
Norton, Frederick Henry Meade M 1856-1917 Australia 51
Norton, Gwynith F 1894-1956 Australia 9
Norton, Helen F 1961-. Australia 85
Norton, J(ohn) M Working c1975 Australia 3
Norton, John F. M Working c1898-1918 Australia 168
Norton, Keith M Australia 1
Norton, Kevin M 1952-. Britain, Australia, New Zealand 6
Norton, Lynne F 1950-. Australia 10
Norton, Rosaleen F 1917-79 Australia 36
Norton, Attributed, Alice E. Australia 1
Norton, Attributed, C. Frank Australia 1
Norton, Attributed, John F. Australia 3
Norton, b.1826, Charles M 1826-72 Australia 5
Norton, b.1826, Attributed, Charles Australia 2
Norval, Mark M 1958-. Australia 22
Norval, S. W. M Australia 1
Noterman, Emanuel M 1808-63 Britain, Australia 3
Nothling, Stephen M 1962-. Australia 17
Notman, Geoff M 1961-. New Zealand 16
Nott, Andrew M 1946-. Australia 2
Notting, Fred M Working 1930s Australia 1
Novak, Brad M 1976-. New Zealand 26
Novak, Jiri Tibor M 1947-. Europe, Australia 1
Novak, Shannon M 1979-. New Zealand 6
Novakovic, Raymond M Australia 1
Novikov, Efim M 1936-. Russia, Australia 25
Nowee, Theresa F c1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nowlan, Annabel F 1956-. Australia 8
Nowlan, Frank M 1943-. Australia 7
Nptyane, Lilly F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nuddij, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nudelman, Adam M 1967-. Australia 6
Nugamy, Mary F Working 1990s Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nugarrai, Audrey F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nuggett, Amy F 1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nulaybeer, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nulla, Derick M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Numbaralualji, Working 1970s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Numbulmore, Charlie M c1907-71 Australia (Aboriginal) 39
Numbulmore, Attributed, Charlie Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Numina, Caroline F 1971-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Numina, Jacinta F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Numina, Lantia Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Numina, Louise F 1976-. Australia (Aboriginal) 20
Numina, Sharon F 20th century Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Numumawuy, Charlie M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Numundjaja, Billy M Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nunan, Brian V. M 1932-. Australia 25
Nunan, Shona F 1959-. Australia 7
Nungabar, Nora F c1920-. Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Nungala, Eileen F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nungalarwe, Dorothy F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungali, Working c1968 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungarra, Donna Larry Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungarrayi, Queenie Stewart F 1972-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungarri/Oldfield, David Jupurrula/Eva Oldfield Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungulmalibi, Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Agatha Williams F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Alice F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Alison Larry F 21st Century Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungurrayi, Alma Granites F 1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungurrayi, Andrea Martin F 1965-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nungurrayi, Angela Janima F 1978-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nungurrayi, Anne F c1940-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Annie F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Audrey F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Bernice F 20th century Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Betty Larry F 21st Century Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungurrayi, Biddy Roberts F 1941-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Brenda Lynch F 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungurrayi, Carol Giles F c1973-. Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Nungurrayi, Cindy Wallace F 1973-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nungurrayi, Clarice Morgan F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungurrayi, Colleen Wallace F 1974-. Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nungurrayi, Dadu Gorey Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Donna F 1969-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nungurrayi, Doris Bush F c1942-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungurrayi, Elizabeth Nyumi F 1947-2019 Australia (Aboriginal) 110
Nungurrayi, Elsie Wumpega F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nungurrayi, Emma Daniel F Working c2005 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nungurrayi, Ena Gimme F 1955-91 Australia (Aboriginal) 13
Nungurrayi, Eva Oldfield F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nungurrayi, Gabriella Possum F 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 287
Nungurrayi, Glenys Gibson F c1968-. Australia (Aboriginal) 10
Nungurrayi, Gwenda F 1978-. Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Nungurrayi, Isobel Hagen F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Janice Egan F 1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Jeannie Egan F c1948-. Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Nungurrayi, Jillian Stockman F Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Nungurrayi, Julian Turner F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Julie Anne Turner F 1974-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nungurrayi, Kathleen F 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungurrayi, Lady Robertson F 1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungurrayi, Lena Hudson F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Lily (Maggie) Hargraves F c1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 41
Nungurrayi, Lucy Loomoo F c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Nungurrayi, Lyn Sims F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Lynette Corby F 1958-. Australia (Aboriginal) 26
Nungurrayi, Maisie Ward F 1975-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Margaret Martin F 1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nungurrayi, Marlene Young F 1973-. Australia (Aboriginal) 33
Nungurrayi, Martin Andrea M Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nungurrayi, Mary Dixon F c1942-. Australia (Aboriginal) 31
Nungurrayi, Matjiwa Jones c1946-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Maudie Petersen F 1937-. Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nungurrayi, Mavis Dixon F c1945-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nungurrayi, Maxine F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, May F 1942-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Mel Yamba 1951-? Australia (Aboriginal) 6
Nungurrayi, Michelle Possum F 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 42
Nungurrayi, Muntja F c1930-. Australia (Aboriginal) 32
Nungurrayi, Myra Patrick F c1946-. Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nungurrayi, Naata F 1932-2021 Australia (Aboriginal) 213
Nungurrayi, Nancy F c1935-2010 Australia (Aboriginal) 76
Nungurrayi, Natalie Corby 1967-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nungurrayi, Nora Wompi F 1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 21
Nungurrayi, Nyula Mutji F 1945-93 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Pampuriya Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Pantjiya c1936-. Australia (Aboriginal) 33
Nungurrayi, Paula Kennedy F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Pollyanna F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Punata Stockman F 1956-. Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nungurrayi, Reva Dickson Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Rosalie Wayne Working c.2006 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Rosie F Working 1980s Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nungurrayi, Ruth Brown F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nungurrayi, Sarah F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Una Tilmouth F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nungurrayi, Vanessa F Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nungurrayi, Wendy Sims F Working c2007 Australia (Aboriginal) 4
Nungurrayi/Nungurrayi, Mary/Lady F Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nunubyi, John Black M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nupurra, Henry F 1932-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nuske, Bruce M 1949-. Australia 1
Nutjangka, Bridget F Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nuttall, Charles M 1873-1934 Australia, United States 22
Nuttall, Jo F Working c2000s New Zealand 3
Nuze, Guy M New Zealand 1
Nyadbi, Lena M 1936-. Australia (Aboriginal) 34
Nyalalkaya, Jimmy M c1915-89 Australia (Aboriginal) 9
Nyalalkaya, Attributed, Jimmy Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nyamingu, Inawinytu Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nyapanyapa, Yunupingu Working c2008 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nyapilingu, Galuma Australia (Aboriginal) 7
Nyawurru, Mabel Juli F Working c2007 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nyawurru, Marcia Purdie F 1969-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nyilpirr, Spider Snell M c1930-2016 Australia (Aboriginal) 3
Nyinawanga, Brian M c1935-. Australia (Aboriginal) 12
Nyisztor, Ron M 1960-. Australia 11
Nylumba, George M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nym, Working c1963 Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nym, Attributed, Australia (Aboriginal) 5
Nyngan, Lou M Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nyonyari, Working 1960s Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nyuga, M Working c1978 Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nyukuti, Jim M Working c2008 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nyumi, Elizabeth F 1947-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nyumitja, Laidlaw M 1934-. Australia (Aboriginal) 1
Nyunjun, Charlie M c1920-2009 Australia (Aboriginal) 2
Nyunkuny, Paddy M c1922-2007 Australia (Aboriginal) 8
Nyuringka, Working c1960 Australia (Aboriginal) 1